ROKU #4 - So Much Potential, So Little Delivery (NSFW) 1

The End of a Mini-Series

In a world full of deadly assassins, super-soldiers, and men of war, what could possibly be the more dangerous? A child of course.

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Roku #4

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Ramon F Bachs

ROKU is a good comic but with a creative team like Cullen Bunn and  Ramon F. Bachs onboard it should have been great.

  • Awesomeness - 50%
  • Plot - 50%
  • Characters - 50%
  • Tone - 50%

The new series to emerge from Valiant Entertainment’s recent renaissance is ROKU. Building upon the success of recently relaunched titles like Bloodshot, Ninjak, and Rai, ROKU is Valiant’s latest effort to broaden their universe. With all of the hype surrounding the Valiant Universe as the live-action BLOODSHOT movie approaches, expect to see a lot more Valiant comics flooding into your comic book shops. 

Roku #4, Page 1

The Shadowy Underbelly of Roku

ROKU #4 brings our red-haired anti-hero’s solo mini-series to a close. Roku has been running from a shadowy underworld clan of assassins while attempting to protect a young girl who is like the physical embodiment of the internet, an ability that allows her to know everything at all times. An ability that makes her very valuable and the most dangerous being in the Valiant universe. 

 This ROKU miniseries is Valiant’s push to give its most high profile female assassin a backstory and develop her as a stand-alone character. A valiant effort but quite underwhelming in its execution. Especially when you figure in the extremely talented creative team behind the pages. 

Roku #4, Page 3

The End of a Mini-Series

ROKU #4 brings the miniseries to an end while also setting Roku up for further adventures should this series prove successful. With a slew of other ‘female assassins turned hero’ type comics in the market place, ROKU feels like just another to add to the pile instead of anything special that stands apart from the pack. ROKU is a fun read and issue #4 brings the arc to a fulfilling close but the big standoff with villain Minister of Blades falls flat and Roku’s transformation from deadly villain to likable hero is so jarring and uncharacteristic of her. At least in this execution.

Roku has the potential to make the big turn from villain to anti-hero but this series doesn’t quite pull it off the way others such as Venom or Deadpool have. Why Valiant would attempt the turn to hero instead of focusing Roku as Valiant’s biggest baddie is a curious one.

 ROKU is a good comic but with a creative team like Cullen Bunn and  Ramon F. Bachs onboard ROKU should have been great. In a landscape full of great female antihero titles such as VELVET, LAZARUS, and HARLEY QUINN, ROKU will have a hard time standing apart. But with the growing popularity of Valiant’s universe, this series adds yet another layer of intrigue to the shadowy underworld they are building.

Roku #4, Page 5