Rogue Planet #3 - Review

Rogue Planet #3 – Review

Visceral storytelling and nightmares made flesh. That’s all I ask for in my science fiction/horror. I feel like it’s not much to ask. Still, the only comic book series that’s delivering lately is Cullen Bunn’s Rogue Planet. A series that while familiar in premise keeps dealing fresh servings of delectable macabre science horror. It’s exactly what this doctor ordered (DISCLAIMER: I’m not a real doctor).

Writer Cullen Bunn continues this mini-series of a crew of the Cortes trapped on an unknown filled of unknown horrors. Unknown horrors that resemble a giant blob like creature with eyes all over it. The planet itself looking to divide and conquer the crew. While at last introducing the inhabitants of this planet who are determined to make sacrificial lambs out of the surviving crew.

Artist Andy MacDonald does a fantastic job at bringing the many horrors of Rogue Planet to life. From throats slit to villagers murdered to the creature itself. Conjuring up a world very akin to the planet in Galaxy of Terror (1981). Nightmares becoming real though no giant worm rape scene. Not yet anyway.

Bunn and MacDonald’s styles complement each other wonderfully. Bunn’s characters find their own individual voices and feel fully formed. No singular characters feel ‘washed out’ or underused in this issue. Something that is always a danger when dealing with a large ensemble of characters.

Rogue Planet is a sadistically satisfying addition to the world of sci-fi horror. Were you a new reader to comics or only had the Aliens films as reference for alien monsters – you would feel right at home here. The lack of comfort, the unease, and nervousness is present through every panel. Not to mention the desolation and dread. It’s exactly what you’d expect when science fiction and horror collides.

Cullen, more of these please!