ZOMBIE TRAMP #64 – Children Are Monsters

ZOMBIE TRAMP #64 - Children Are Monsters 1
I, uh, hmm. So that art happened.

Zombie Tramp has certainly taken a turn for the interesting with its now heavy focus on the occult and spell casting. With our hero, Angel Lynch, being incredibly powerful in the dark arts it’s no doubt that her power would attract some interesting enemies and allies.

To recap the last amazing issue of Zombie Tramp – after our hero, Angel Lynch, is bought by a small British child she absolutely crushes the secret society trying to have her sold. Before she can kill their leader, the boy, Dennis, asks for Angel’s help.

We learn a little bit of his backstory and how he dabbled in the same dark arts as Angel. That issue ended with us learning that somehow he had given his little sister two heads and that she had died soon after. This issue picks up where that one left off and offers us the story of what happened to her.

ZOMBIE TRAMP #64 - Children Are Monsters 2

To put it quite simply, children are monsters – figuratively and literally.

In his youth, which is to say not very long ago, Dennis had a mild curiosity with the occult. Having led his sister, Olivia, into their rich family’s hedge maze, he asks her to trust him as he casts a spell that leaves her comatose and him estranged from the family due to her condition.

When she awakens, another head violently forms on her left shoulder, appearing to be a more protective, demonic side to herself. She still trusts and loves him, but dies soon after. This leads him to seeking out another powerful spell caster in Angel.

ZOMBIE TRAMP #64 - Children Are Monsters 3

After a bit of banter and feeling sorry for Dennis, Angel decides that it’s better for all of the “freaks” to stick together and revives Olivia. This earns her Dennis’ gratitude and a near limitless credit card for her, her companion Dixie and the leader of the Necrophilia Club whose name escapes me.

This issue was really more of a heartwarming affair. It also served the purpose of showing off just how potentially powerful Angel’s powers could be. Bringing people back to life is no small feat and Dennis even says that his own magic was pretty crude in the past.

Maccagni’s art in this issue was also pretty adorable… if pretty brutal still because of the numerous decapitations and the head growth.

ZOMBIE TRAMP #64 - Children Are Monsters 4

Everything about that scene was extreme in the best kind of way. In the four panels where she wakes up, the backgrounds get progressively more red as the wriggling red mass on her shoulder grows until it explodes open with the other head. It’s gruesome, like more than other issues of Zombie Tramp so far.

There’s something visceral about seeing her writhe in absolute agony before seeing the demon head with its jagged teeth and red eyes pop out from the blood and indeterminate meat. As the family butler tries to strangle the life out of Olivia, the other head sprouts a monstrous tongue from her mouth and pops his head right off. 

The mother and father scream in absolute terror, Dennis smiles a genuine smile, knowing that his sister has become something more and Olivia’s twin heads smile with love. At least they do before she closes her eyes and finds a short peace in death.

ZOMBIE TRAMP #64 - Children Are Monsters 5

I absolutely enjoy that Angel, despite all of the craziness she has seen thus far and all of the dastardly people that she’s encountered, hasn’t stopped her heart from being so compassionate. While saying that she thinks bringing Olivia back is a bad idea, she does so out of the goodness in her heart and seeing how torn up Dennis is.

After Angel saved all of the dead girls from the Necrophilia Club traffickers, she transformed all of them into Dixie and she has become such a lovable companion. Even after the Club leader tried to kill Angel, our Zombie hero still found it in her to forgive her for her actions and bring her along as a new friend.

Not all heroes have to be brooding messes of rage and even though Angel is pretty angry, it’s really more of that cute/annoyed anger at the absolute ridiculousness of her circumstances.

ZOMBIE TRAMP #64 - Children Are Monsters 6

However, as a whole, this issue wasn’t the most amazing thing in the world. It has great art, but in my eyes it was just a filler. I’m sure Dennis and Olivia will return later on to help Angel out of a nasty situation, but this wasn’t REALLY needed. I would have rather the story of Angel’s father and his church continue, but maybe that will be the next issue.

ZOMBIE TRAMP #64 - Children Are Monsters 7

What do we rate this? Four Sodas out of Six! You can find this book at your local comic book shop or on Comixology.