[HORROR HARLOTS] Zombie Tramp #60 – Is a Strong, Independent Mage that Don’t Need no Man!

Zombie Tramp, Horror, NSFW, Sex, Violence, Zombies, Action Lab, Comics

Further down the Zombie Tramp Rabbit Hole

Angel Lynch, our new Zombie Tramp, is a very interesting character. For the past few issues we’ve been getting small glimpses into her childhood full of abuse and religious indoctrination from her father and the small town that she grew up in. The further and further down the rabbit hole that we go, however, the more and more we can understand why she fights so hard to remain a free spirit. She was never given a choice in the past and now that she is practically immortal and is learning how to do magic, she’s got far more options than she ever did.

Starting off with a flashback to the past, we see Angel and her father sitting in church, her eyes wide and bright, ready to take in the words of the Lord. Her father tells her to pay attention as he looks at the priest with zealotry blinding him. The priest himself is immediately unsettling with a wide, toothy grin and a white suit while talking about the Lord striking down those who do not listen to him, already setting the tone for what kind of church that this is. Early on, we see that Angel has some concerns as she looks at her dad, questioning the look in his eyes while the priest claims to be a faithful servant of God.

Zombie Tramp, Horror, NSFW, Sex, Violence, Zombies, Action Lab, Comics

Zombie Tramp Got That Sexual Reeling

Cutting back to the present, Angel and her new companion, a giant amalgamation of the corpses of other zombie girls named Dixie, use a rideshare app to try to find someplace safe. Unfortunately, the driver brings them to a hideout full of his brothers who also just happen to serve Tatiana, the villain that Zombie Tramp is running from. A brawl erupt and turns into an orgy of blood and gore as Angel and Dixie rip most of the men and the driver apart before somehow being teleported to an actual orgy.

This book was absolutely great. While the story isn’t the most riveting thing in the world, it is interesting enough to keep you interested in Angel and her story. Seeing these glimpses into her past gives a good understanding into why she is the way that she is. She was forced to be reserved, quiet and obey everything that she was asked to. In her adulthood, after her escape, she’s brash, violent and very sexual. She reads like a character that’s been liberated and aside from being hunted by another mage that would seek to control her, she’s loving it.

Zombie Tramp, Horror, NSFW, Sex, Violence, Zombies, Action Lab, Comics

Marco Maccagni’s Art does not Disappoint

The art is TOP NOTCH. Faces run every single gamut possible and Marco Maccagni knows how to diversify. His faces of anger are intense and make you feel the rage as Dixie attacks thugs to protect Angel. The sultry faces pull you in like no other as Angel tries to seduce the driver to help her get somewhere safe before his betrayal.

There’s one face in particular that Angel makes as she stretches her mouth wide before unleashing a SWARM OF BEES, The faces fear are absolutely terrifying and real as people are ripped apart or get the stinging bugs in their mouths and we see every single tooth as they scream in pain.

The line art is smooth and is definitely accentuated by Valentina Pucci’s coloring style that I believe uses digital techniques and it looks great. Hair flows beautifully and makes things look very dynamic. The action is fast paced and absolutely brutal with Dixie actually ripping men apart, showing their entrails and biting faces right off in a display of cute monstrosity. Angel is no slouch either as she displays body language full of confidence, sexiness and rage that allows her to wreck these guys with ease.

Zombie Tramp continues to be a fun time alongside its fellow Action Lab book Vampblade. Angel Lynch is fun and watching her go through her wacky misadventures with a new adorably grotesque companion while having to watch her back from these new and dangerous threats will no doubt continue to be engaging and hilarious. With great art and a good story, Zombie Tramp is worth more than your time.

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