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Wet Hot American Summer comic ‘A Wild Ride’ from start to finish

Wet Hot American Summer – available through BOOM! Studios

Wet Hot American Summer is an interesting comic. At its core it is a spoof of a movie of the same title, which itself is a spoof of teen romance movies that glorify summer as a time for love and lust. As I have not seen the original movie a lot of what was presented in the comic wasn’t as impactful as it could have been, but what was this comic actually about?

That’s right, the camp from the movie is under threat of being shut down for many many unsafe conditions for the children. The inspector, as noted, is willing to give them a chance despite the fact these teens seem really in over their heads. She leaves soon after giving her edict and….

Still, with this being a comedy (as well as a spoof of a comedy), things only get more ridiculous from here. As a personal favorite, the nurse of the camp flushed all medications down the toilet as some of them were of the illicit variety. However she also ended up getting rid of medicine that several of the children require to live. Which, in turn, somehow causes them to mutate into a feral form of themselves to then take off into the woods to form their own barbarian-isque society.

That is just one of many moments in the comic where I shook my head at the silliness of it all. Still it is silly in a good way and for folks looking for a more light hearted read with their comics I definitely recommend this little gem. Fans of the film will no doubt get even more of a kick out of Wet Hot American Summer than I did.

Which, as a result of this comic, I may just go find to watch for myself.
5 Sodas!

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