[HORROR HARLOTS] Vampblade Season 4, Issue #1 – Past Is Prologue

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New Vampblade, New Timeline

Vampblade continues to be one of the most hilarious and intriguing comic series out of Action Labs imprint; Danger Zone. Mixing irreverent humor, effortless art and even better action.

Picking up directly after Vampblade’s gruesome death. Grizmo teleports away with the Vampblade from the past. The book immediately sets a strange tone as Grizmo (all-of-a-sudden) has his own ship and laboratory of sorts. Convenient, no? He rips a creature out of a tube and it explodes, gifting Vampblade a new set of blades and sexy costume.

I have to emphasize what a great design I think she has now. I liked her old costume, but the silver metallic-skin felt too much at times. Young does his best to simplify the costume with more straps and metal rings instead of the strange sharp edges she had prior. She feels more like a badass dominatrix and I love it.

Vampblade, Katie Carva, Action Lab Comics, Panel Art, Comic Book, Image Results, Google

Grizmo hooks up Katie to one of the tubes. When suddenly Katie’s friend Henry and her girlfriend Satya teleport to Grizmo’s ship. Satya, still in grief after witnessing Vampblade’s death (see last issue), rushes Grizmo and blasts the tubes. All before being stopped by the past Vampblade. She sets off a chain reaction that somehow throws Vampblade through the top of a building labeled Videoworld.

I love the Captain Marvel reference where she lands in a similar location. Katie, however, is more aware of where she is and actually asks herself if she’s in a B———r Video. (Of course, censored for Blockbuster Video.)

Vampblade, Katie Carva, Action Lab Comics, Panel Art, Comic Book, Image Results, Google

Katie Carva Takes On A Split Personality

After hearing a voice that sounds like her own. Katie freaks TF out! Because she wasn’t saying or thinking what the voice says. Following a short conversation, the disembodied voice surmises that they must have merged bodies. Surmising that Grizmo’s machine exploding must have done it.

In a rage, the disembodied voice takes over the body and slashes through the video racks. Though this particular issue has very little in the way of action, Katie’s slashing through rows of Blockbuster video racks sure makes up for it. Coupled with that, the scene is mostly great with good body language and a nice purple tint to the scene because of her powers.

Vampblade, Katie Carva, Action Lab Comics, Panel Art, Comic Book, Image Results, Google

If I did have any complaint about this, it would be that the last three panels. Showing Vampblade cutting through one of the stands, grunting, but her facial expression did not match at all. Unless Young was trying to go for the comedic, low effort attack with minimal expression, in which case it was perfect.

Calm Katie returns, making an allusion to the Street Fighter bonus level and the two find that they’re now in 1994 with one of the walls of tapes consisting entirely of Pulp Fiction. That’s VHS for you kids playing at home.

Katie Carva’s Vampblade Continues The Fun

Every new season or arc of Vampblade consists of something new and great. We’ve had alternate dimensions and different planets. But we haven’t had time travel yet. What I’m most excited about is the sheer volume of future jokes that can and will be made.

Martin knocked this issue out of the park in terms of setting up a new story and injecting a new kind of comedic element into things with the body fusion. Young also brought his A-game with art that felt cute and reminded me of earlier issues of the series, especially since I think he was the artist in the beginning anyway. Vampblade continues to be fun and only gets better with every issue!

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