[HORROR HARLOTS] Vampblade #12 A Shocking Send Off for Season Three

Vampblade, Action Lab, Danger zone, Vampires, James Franco, Horror, Action, Romp

Vampblade Ends Season 3 Brilliantly

After being transplanted into an alternate dimension where the events of Season One and Two have not happened yet. Our titular hero, Katie Carva aka Vampblade, now has to relive the events of the vampire invasion. With the help of her girlfriend Satya and this reality’s version of herself.

After the events of the last issue where Katie and Satya killed possessed versions of Katie’s dad and her co-worker Jeremiah, she finds herself at the mercy of old Vampblade, blaming her for everything that’s gone wrong thus far in the series, including her mother’s death from a few issues ago. Martin’s humor shines through the initial first few pages of the book as while Katie is accepting being killed by her past self, she remarks that The Last Jedi sucks and that old Katie shouldn’t look forward to it.

I didn’t expect to laugh as much as I did because it’s been some time since the movies release and I’ve heard all manner of argument for and against it, but the manner in which this revelation is used to set Past Katie into a rage is hilarious. She blindly attacks future Katie while projecting “Kylo Ren’s” mask over her face until she’s stopped by Satya, telling her that they just want to leave this timeline/dimension.

Vampblade, Action Lab, Danger zone, Vampires, James Franco, Horror, Action, Romp

Vampires and James Franco?!

Before they can make amends, however, they’re descended upon by waves of Vampires and a returning armored J—- —–o, a censored joke on James Franco, a handsome but creepy, absolutely horribly perverted handsome movie star that appeared way back in Zombie Tramp Vs. Vampblade #3.

One thing that I have to praise above all else is the drastic improvement in Marco Maccagni’s art style in these last two issues. Though, most of this is also due to the change in colorists from Marcelo Costa to Valentina Pucci. Where Costa would color in a more brushed style which was good, do not get me wrong, but things felt a little flat in most issues. Pucci makes things feel more third dimensional with a bit of what looks like cel shading which gives the book more of an anime feel that I think suits the art very well.

Maccagni’s lines are very thick and smooth which helps to make the already dynamic action flow even better. Though there is much lacking in the way of actual backgrounds during the tense action scenes, the fighting more than makes up for it. Franco and Vampblade feel like they’re intent on destroying each other as she grits her teeth in anger at him, but is unfortunately overpowered and set aflame by him in a BEAUTIFUL shot.

Vampblade, Action Lab, Danger zone, Vampires, James Franco, Horror, Action, Romp

Vampblade is a Badass Romp

Satya and Past Katie’s faces of rage are so expressive and awesome. They shoot off to save our Katie, leaving their friend Henry and the pet/mascot Grizmo to fight off the vampire horde. Grizmo somehow fuses to Henry and transforms into a hulking almost mech version of himself that manages to be absolutely adorable and threatening.

Suffering from severe burns, Katie manages to squeak out Franco’s weakness, allowing Past Katie to defeat him by STABBING HIM RIGHT IN THE FACE, an almost poetic and very brutal ending for the handsome movie star. The final few pages of the book are so strange that it wouldn’t be right to spoil them.

Vampblade, Action Lab, Danger zone, Vampires, James Franco, Horror, Action, Romp


Vampblade and the rest of Action Lab’s Danger Zone books are fun romps of hilarity and badass action. They are almost certainly worth your time and Season Three of Vampblade is no different. This issue alone excels in the art direction and the writing is hilarious with an ending that leaves you gasping and begging for more, knowing that the next season is going to be amazingly strange, yet satisfying.

I want to see more adventures with old and present Vampblade about them musing about the future of pop culture with enough sass to make Family Guy blush while also just being a weird story about badass women clad in metal and leather killing tentacle vampire monsters.

[HORROR HARLOTS] Vampblade #12 A Shocking Send Off for Season Three 1

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