[REVIEW] In Vampblade Season 3 Issue #10 Things Go Sideways

[REVIEW] In Vampblade Season 3 Issue #10 Things Go Sideways 1
Let’s go girls!

When I was given this assignment I had no idea what this comic was. It has no reviews at present on the site. But we here at SaT are quite familiar with the brand of Action Lab comics under their “Danger Zone”. Specifically their series “Zombie Tramp” which has at present 3 reviews. But what is Vampblade, specifically, about?

In quick summation: Vampblade is the story of Katie (seen above in two different versions here on the issue cover)(dont worry I’ll explain) who is employed at a small time comic book store in Detroit, Michigan. One day a bunch of mobsters broke into the place looking for the store owner, who they killed immediately. Katie, looking to defend herself, took up a pair of collector item swords known as “The Vampblades”. In doing the spirit of the blades channeled through her into murdering the mobsters quite spectacularly. Also they showed that her co-workers were possessed by weird pink alien parasites coming out of their mouths.

[REVIEW] In Vampblade Season 3 Issue #10 Things Go Sideways 2
Kinda like these

She dispatched these creatures with ease. However, digging deeper into the mystery of the comic book character (in-universe) who wielded the same blades and wore a similar costume (seen on the cover on the Katie on the left), she discovered that these creatures are called (as seen above) Glarkians. An alien species roaming multiple dimensions that seemingly have no real goal other than spreading their seed orally.

While she can see them, only the Vampblades have the power to slay these creatures. They’ve come in many forms over the course of its 3 seasons of comics, which brings us here to this issue.

Things go Sideways, Pt 2

At this juncture of the comic series, Katie went into an alternate timeline in order to prevent the destruction of Planet Earth currently underway in her timeline. Below is a snippet of the battle in progress in favor of her fellow Vampblades. (apparently there is an inter-galactic, inter-dimensional force of them. Who knew?)

[REVIEW] In Vampblade Season 3 Issue #10 Things Go Sideways 3
Oh hey, they look familiar.

She succeeded, but her trip to return home went sideways trapping her in another timeline with a younger less experienced version of herself. As a means of helping her younger self, she sent her to find a failed comic writer (the creator of the Vampblade comic specifically) to get all the information she would need about the blades and the Glarkians.

While the younger Katie went to do that, older Katie took a trip to Hell in order to save the soul of a young woman she nearly had a fling with. How’d that happen you ask? That’s a bit of a story, of which I recommend reading the crossover comic “Danger Dolls” to find out for yourselves.

So while older Katie was in hell (and when she got out), how did things go for the younger Katie? Well….

[REVIEW] In Vampblade Season 3 Issue #10 Things Go Sideways 4
[REVIEW] In Vampblade Season 3 Issue #10 Things Go Sideways 5

….not very well.

All told, this is a series that takes a hard stance in adult orientated themes with no apologies given or wanted. From the Glarkian’s forced oral seed implantation to Katie’s consistent nudity when she de-transforms, this series is quite in keeping with the no holds barred attitude shown similarly in Zombie Tramp.

This is B-movie cheese at its finest. If you are here looking for high quality story telling, this series isn’t for you. If you are looking for a silly, sexy, romping good time? Welcome aboard.

How do we rate this issue? 4.5 Sodas
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