TUROK #1 – Continues the Dinosaur Hunting Legacy

TUROK #1 - Continues the Dinosaur Hunting Legacy 1

Dynamite takes over Turok

Like Boom and IDW, Dynamite is one of those comic imprints who specialize in licensed titles. Dynamite has published Green Hornet in the past, and are also doing James Bond comics. Now, they’re taking over Turok.

Turok was a property from the video game company Acclaim. However, he’s had a long history in comics: from Dell and Gold Key in the 50s and 60s, to Whitman in the 80s. In the 90s, he was published by Valiant, and lived in their universe with Bloodshot and XO Manowar. But as I mentioned Acclaim, the video games are what I remember Turok from. I loved hunting dinosaurs on the Game Boy and Nintendo 64.

Ron Marz reinvents the Dinosaur Hunter

Ron Marz wrote the Valiant series. So thankfully, Dynamite secured him along with the property. In this reboot, he’s joined by artist Roberto Castro. You can catch his art on other Dynamite titles as Flash Gordon and Lord of Mars.

The book starts off with Turok captured by an army of cowboys. They are looking for Turok’s brother. Since he’s not with Valiant anymore, it sure can’t be Turok’s blood brother, XO Manowar. His actual brother from blood, Andor, rescues the Native American, and steals one of the cowboys’ horses.

I was getting worried that I wouldn’t see any dinosaurs. I mean, Turok equals Indians plus dinosaurs in my book. And eventually, in this book, there is. After they lose the title character, the cowboys go looking for him. Soon, they’re attacked by a velociraptor.

“What kind of lizard is the size of a horse?”

Turok and Andor reach a portal. Once through, they see where that raptor came from. When the cowboys reach the portal, the cliffhanger leaves them affirming their vow from earlier:

“Well, gentlemen? I said I’d follow them to the gates of Hell if I had to.”

TUROK #1 - Continues the Dinosaur Hunting Legacy 8

Turok #1 was interesting. But it wasn’t great. I’m sure once I read on, it’ll get there. But for now, it’s fine.

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