The Magic Order #4 Monsters and Sibling Rivalry 1
Millarworld continues in this Netflix produced Fantasy Series

In my previous review of the series I gave it serious flak for overusing the trope “Invincible Bad Guy”. While necessary for a short comic run (remember this will be only 6 issues long) it doesn’t make for a very engaging read. I also said that Issue #4 was going to be the make-it-or-break-it entry in the series. Either they would do something different, or do more of the same.

With that said, which did they do? Bit of both actually.

The Meeting

The Magic Order #4 Monsters and Sibling Rivalry 2

After, somewhat, coming to terms with their fathers death, the two Moonstone siblings decide the best course of action is de-escalation. A lot of wizards have died in the course of the series (he types with an expression reading “No s**t”) so if they want to continue doing their job they have to start playing nice. Albany shoots that proposal into an early grave.

She doesn’t want peace. Hell, she doesn’t want to stop. Not until every member of the current Order is dead so that she can take control with a blank slate. It was revealed as much from the previous issue so it was no surprise to read it spelled out here. She also revealed, not so subtly, that her next target was Gabriel Moonstone who we see on the cover image. Though, instead of sending her invincible assassin the Venetian, she sends:

The Horoglobin

The Magic Order #4 Monsters and Sibling Rivalry 3

What an absolute set piece of monster that is eh?

Apparently this creature has the ability to eat time, which seems absurdly overpowered, spreading a green miasma that consumes everything in its path. How does our hero, Gabriel, deal with such a calamity? Especially when he has been out of the magic slinging business for years?

He easily whoops its ass is what he does

The Magic Order #4 Monsters and Sibling Rivalry 4

That’s one way to establish your protagonist. After this the three siblings have a splash page where they declare that they will defeat Albany. Long time coming I say, but how will it resolve in two issues? We’ll just have to wait and see.

3.5 Sodas.