Commencing the War

IDW’s run on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is speeding to one-hundred. In the Turtles’ history, no other comic imprint reached that number. Not even the original at Mirage Studios. In issue 98, IDW’s story is smack dab in their version of “City At War.”

The original Mirage Studios arc involved the Foot Clan against the Purple Dragons. New York City was their battleground, and the Turtles were caught in the middle. In this story, there are several more players in the intricate weave.

Karai returned for her birthright. Since Splinter killed Shredder in issue 50, he’s run the Foot Clan. Karai was a major player in Mirage’s game. But in this, Shredder’s granddaughter is at the forefront.

With the civil war among the Foot, there are other fires our heroes need to put out. Bishop and Metalhead joined forces and been working out plans of their own. And with Baxter Stockman running for mayor (with April O’Neil as his campaign manager), Old Hob and the Mutanimals want to strike their own war with him and the rest of the humans. But furthermore, Raphael has joined the Mutanimals in their terroristic efforts.

Emotional Scars Cut Deep

Now, Bishop has recruited Hun. In past iterations, Hun was the leader of the Purple Dragons. In this series, Hun is also Casey Jones’s father. Bishop wants Hun to help avatar their new mutants. I can tell you that when the Turtles see these monsters, emotions will run deep. Their ally and friend, Slash, was killed several issues ago. Just before, Bishop used his technology to avatar the brainwashed snapping turtle. Now, with his help from Metalhead, Bishop cloned Slash’s DNA into two monsters for him and Hun.

They’ll catch up to the Turtles sometime. But for now, the brothers have their own agenda. Such as reuniting with Jennika. Last they saw of her, the former Foot soldier was mutated into one them. Now, she’s gone from mutant turtle to Mutant Ninja Turtle – complete with a yellow mask, and a sword and Wolverine-like claws.

But where there were five turtles, they’re back down to four. Typical of Leonardo and Raph, whenever they butt heads, they end up throwing hands. So Raph leaves, returning to his new friends, The Mutanimals.

New Agenda

Raph’s new team arrive at the rally for Baxter Stockman’s acceptance speech as newly elected mayor. But Old Hob has a speech of his own.

“What’s a mutant? Good question. We’re the dirty little secret your government’s been keepin’ from you — your slick new mayor, even. We’re scary things you imagine hidin’ in the shadows. Keepin’ you awake at night, blankets over your faces.”

….but, about those beaks

Tom Waltz has kept this story interesting. Each issue creeps further, yet leaving the reader wanting more. I guess they say that’s what makes a great storyteller. Michael Dialynas matched with Ronda Pattison’s colors, create the aesthetics for Waltz’s story. Though, I don’t really care for his design of the Turtles. He really exaggerates their beak.

I buy the variant cover from TMNT co-creator, Kevin Eastman. Hopes are that the same look could bleed through to the book. But I guess I’m only teasing myself by purchasing the variant.


I thoroughly enjoyed IDW’s “City At War” so far. The only thing that keeps me from giving this a perfect score is Dialynas’s Turtles. His art is great overall. But I just can’t look at his Turtles for very long. But as the stars of the comic, I guess those beaks are all over the place.

How did we rate TMNT #98? 5 Sodas
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