[REVIEW] Spencer & Locke #3, Pulp Escapism At It’s Best!

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Spencer & Locke: Comics’ Best Kept Secret

Remember when comics were FUN!? 

Spencer & Locke is one of comics best-kept secrets. David Pepose and Jorge Santiago Jr are doing the one thing in comics that we should all strive to do… HAVE FUN. Not since the Ultimate Spider-Man run by Brian M Bendis has a title read so carefree and magical. 

Spencer & Locke has had plenty of comparisons to Calvin & Hobbs in the past so I won’t take you down that traveled road again. Instead, I’ll say that it plays out much more like a young boy in his room playing with action figures and drawing crude pictures of his favorite heroes on scratches of construction paper. At least that’s what I did in my youth and this series takes me right back to that. 

Spencer and Locke, Comics, Action Lab, Danger, Zone, Fun, Mature, Read

Spencer and Locke #3 is Entertainment Personified

Escapism at it’s best. What entertainment was meant to do in its inception. I’m all for a world in comics that reflects our own world and mirrors our current events but sometimes you just want to get lost in the fantasy. And that’s where Spencer & Locke have always excelled. Sometimes I just want a fast-paced, pulp comic that features a hard-nosed hero and his imaginary cat friend battling nazi zombie snowmen in World War 2. 

Pepose weaves an emotional tale of friendship while not being afraid to throw his protagonists, as well as the readers, into some far out there scenarios. On paper, these ideas may seem crazy but Santiago Jr brings them to life with an artistic style that makes each new idea beautifully plausible. Much like Brian Michael Bendis’ other famous creation POWERS, Spencer & Locke by Pepose and Sanitago Jr. has a unique combination of animation-esque art to complement its hard-nosed detective story influences.

Spencer and Locke, Comics, Action Lab, Danger, Zone, Fun, Mature, Read

There’s nothing to compare Spencer and Locke to

There’s really nothing to compare Spencer & Locke to in comics and that’s a good thing. It stands out in the shelves and deserves to have a much bigger following that it should. Here’s hoping Spencer & Locke’s sequel opens the door to even more entries in the franchise. 

You can grab your copy of Spencer and Locke 2 #3 from your local comic store or via Comixology.

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