[REVIEW] Detective Pikachu: A Bite Sized Nerd Morsel Wrapped In A CGI Package

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Detective Pikachu, Perfect For All Audiences

I never got into the Pokémon craze – I was a teenager when they first came out meaning I was “too cool” to get into them.  When walking into Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, I had very little expectations and honestly didn’t know whether I would even understand most of it.   Unlike a certain World of Warcraft movie however, I quickly realised that I didn’t need to know anything about the Pokémon world to enjoy this film, it was all fed to me in bite-sized morsels wrapped up in cute little CGI packages.

Tim Goodman, an insurance broker from a small town arrives in Ryme City, a place where humans and Pokémon live in harmony, after learning that his estranged father, Harry Goodman, died in a car crash.  What he wasn’t expecting while trying to sort through his father’s apartment was a Pikachu with amnesia and a little Sherlock Holmes detective hat arriving on the scene, desperate to piece together the mystery of the accident.  Rather than the regular “pika pika”, Tim can wholly understand Pikachu and discovers that he was Harry’s partner and he was thought to have also died in the accident.  The fact that Pikachu survived means that Harry has still has to be alive, right?

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Pikachu is still everyone’s Favourite

Pikachu is fast-talking, quick witted, caffeine addicted and comes out with some incredible one-liners – he is everything you would expect from a Ryan Reynolds character.  Ryan Reynolds brings so much fun to someone who is so inherently adorable.  His yellow fluffy exterior and rose red cheeks are cuteness overload so bringing a wise guy persona to him just works so well.  His melancholic rendition of the Pokémon theme song is also something that makes for a surprisingly sweet and funny scene.

Upon investigating what really happened on the night of the accident, Tim and Pikachu come across Lucy, a fluff-piece reporter who is desperate for a real story.  They track down a laboratory which hosts a number of Pokemon, all of whom have been undergoing various forms of genetic experimentation.  The use of some high-tech surveillance allows Tim and Pikachu to see what really happened on the night of the accident – and to see that Pikachu may not be as innocent as previously thought.

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It makes you want to Catch Em All

Bill Nighy is the wheelchair bound tycoon who built Ryme City to enable humans and Pokémon to work together in harmony – to evolve to their best possible selves.  His son on the other hand is greedy and untrustworthy and is trying to take over and destroy everything his father built.  With money comes power, so one of them had to be the bad guy.  One of them wants Pokémon and humans to not only live in harmony, but to evolve together, as one being.

As someone who didn’t know the difference between a Bulbasaur and a Squirtle, I really enjoyed Detective Pikachu and didn’t feel as though I missed anything due to not knowing the lore behind it. There is nothing groundbreaking with this storyline however it was engaging and I really felt a kinship to these fluffy little critters.  I have spent the time since trying to choose which Pokémon I most want and, I must admit the tag line is correct; I want to “catch em all”!

[REVIEW] Detective Pikachu: A Bite Sized Nerd Morsel Wrapped In A CGI Package 1

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