Null Faeries #3 - Cover Art, Action Lab Comics, Supernatural, Fantasy, Comic Book
Null Faeries #3 – Cover Art

Null Faeries’ Narrow Escape

This opening page with earthen fey people riding snakes, bloody revenge, and a captured heroine Inquisitor named Ionantha Hespersis gets your attention right away! The artwork is beautiful, and it takes you into this minuscule world of high stakes war where your imagination is “taken captive”.

After some bare knuckle prisoner pummel and her guard bleeding on the forest floor, a daring moment of hope allows for a heroic escape! After the opening scene you are whisked through the gorgeous scenery on the wings of a tamed falcon Eryth, marched through the magical floating kingdoms of uncharted forest, and delving secretly into the world of humankind from a larger than life perspective most literally.

Null Faeries #3 - Page 4, Comic, Comic Book, Supernatural, Fantasy
Null Faeries #3 – Page 4

The Big Story on Little Heroes

Feys are fighting to recover a magical dust that is a long kept secret. A power that will tip the balance of nature and allow a malevolent human to discover the hidden kingdoms of the mystical fey race. The Inquisitor has lost her power and as such is the only option for their salvation as an undetectable agent for the kingdom. She must brave the world of giants that is mankind and discover the motive of this curious human who threatens their existence. Ionantha must brave this mission on the wings of her trusty winged steed and unlock a bloody mystery that involves science, sacrifice, and a magical dust empowered bees in an experimental apiary.

After tracking some drones to a re-purposed Karp Farm, the horrors of this crafty humans quest for power are revealed and a plan to investigate further to thwart the campaign must be launched at all costs including the heavy toll of the Inquisitors own life. Small lives matter, as you will see in this compelling fantasy, and even those that are small in stature pay the same price in their bloody demise.

Null Faeries #3 - Page 6, Supernatural, Fantasy, Comic, Comic Book, Action Lab Comics
Null Faeries #3 – Page 6

The Lowdown on High Quality Storytelling

Chad Cicconi’s cover art is fantasy defined, vibrant, magical, and draws you into the sky before the comic takes you down into a tiny world. The scenery is breathtaking, dynamic, and perspectives make you feel tiny in a fantastic way! The story and visuals flow perfectly. This multi-talented creator did an amazing job delivering his vision from concept to copy.

Federico Sioc Jr.’s colors are bright, vibrant, and well done. He sets the scenes with dark libraries, moonlit kingdoms, and midday flight on a sunbeam kissed landscape while capturing the earthy tones of the fey and natural landscapes.

The writer and letterer had a clear understanding from the looks of it, the flow attributed to well done dialogue per panel and letters placement that read well and never blocked the magical scenery in the comic.

This is a fantasy title that gives you everything you want. A world of magic, intrigue, power, and heroes that transports you there with well done imaginative creations and visual escape from reality. Null Faeries #3 is available now through Action Lab Comics or at your local Comic Book store.

How did we rate Null Faeries #3? 4 Sodas
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