Milky #1 While Immersed In Humour Points Out The Cracks In Society

Milky #1

Milky #1 Explores The Flaws Of Racism And Classism Inherent In Society

When the world has gone to shit you call the authorities. The police. Emergency services. Hell, you call just about any other authoritarian organisation trained for end of the world scenarios. When the world is being invaded by 10 foot tall aliens there is one thing is for sure. The last person you’re going to call is the local Milkman. In Milky #1, independent comic writer and letterer Joshua Saxon, asks the question no one wanted the answer to. When the world goes to hell and the local Milkman is the last line of defense – just how the ‘frig’ does he handle it?

Milky #1 introduces us to a world about to be invaded by unidentified forces. A world that we come to know as Crafton Hill, England. It’s your typical small town (or, village) plagued by the usual expected nuances surrounding Milky (real name: Vikinder Singh) and his regular milk route. This is amplified by Vikinder’s daily frustrations. The casual racism, the ‘douchebag’ interjections of the town drunk right through to his anxieties towards the girl next door, Lucy. These are just the tip of a very tumultuous iceberg. An iceberg that crashes head on into Vikinder’s life as a daily occurrence.

Great science fiction mirrors the reality of life while pointing out the cracks

Milky #1 hits a grand slam with establishing what it’s like for a single Pakistani man to live in modern day ‘white’ England. The life issues of Crafton Hill’s local milkman play out as a greater foe than the backdrop of the entire alien invasion. The complex layers of middle class England and its treatment of assimilated minorities is more an issue than Lord Moofu kidnapping Milky’s girl. Its more an issue than the entire invasion force kidnapping all of earth’s women. Great science fiction mirrors the reality of life while pointing out the cracks of where humanity has gone wrong.

Milky, aided on his daily milk run by new neighbour Ghost, take on Lord Moofu as the world goes belly up. While Ghost turns out to be more helpful than meets the eye with his technical know how this doesn’t prevent alien overlord, Moofu stalking them into an old church. Leading to the opportune moment for Milky to knock him out with a bottle of milk!? Seems logical. Though I question the writer’s motivation in having the alien master as a ground troop. Perhaps more about the alien hierarchy will be uncovered in the next issue?

Milky has begun as a stereotypical ‘from zero to hero’ story arc. Vikinder’s greatest threat is his daily struggles and overwhelming anxiety felt towards Lucy. The glue that holds the story together is Joshua Saxon’s outrageous humour.  While the next three issues (of this 4 part series) are bound to unravel as an epic quest to get his girl back. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vikinder and Ghost simply headed to the Winchester and waited for this whole thing to blow over.

6 sodas!