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There’s a lot we don’t know about the intervening moments before the Grid was shattered completely. We don’t know exactly how the Rangers defeated Drakkon nor what the motivations of Emissary are and this issue muddies the waters even more by the vagaries of Emissary and his first meeting with Jason.

The book begins with the Rangers from the various eras fighting off Drakkon’s forces. Francesco Mortarino’s art and Raul Angulo’s colors make each of these panels feel so full of life with excellent combat and blaster effects, even better when Lord Drakkon himself enters the battle. He absolutely slays just as we remember, making short work of the rangers.

Suddenly, Jason shows up to confront Drakkon, who comments about having already killed Jason in the past and the two leap to battle. Before we can see the epic conclusion, we’re pulled back to the present as the other our rangers take on the fearsome, terrifying, WARBUNNY! 

GO GO POWER RANGERS #23 - The Might of Warbunny 2

Warbunny is an absolutely cool design among some of the other monsters the rangers have faced, but it’s what he represents that makes him so dastardly. Originally, Warunny was just a wee bunny that the kids of a youth center that Zack and Trini work at kept as a pet.

In order to get into the minds of the Rangers, Lord Zedd transforms the cuddly one into a monster. Unlike Rita Repulsa who was only ever about mindless destruction and chaos, Lord Zedd is another brand of evil altogether. He chooses to target the rangers individually in order to wear down their spirits by making them fight the things that they love most.

One of the things I loved about this issue was the Rangers concern for keeping part of the city safe from danger and their growing concern about Jason not responding to their hails. One thing the show didn’t really do much of was talk about all of the destruction that their battles ultimately have to cause.

This has been a running theme throughout both Rangers series and with the threats continuing to increase I can only hope there’s something bigger coming.

GO GO POWER RANGERS #23 - The Might of Warbunny 3

Soon after Warbunny grows larger and the Rangers enter their Megazords, we cut back to Emissary in Tommy’s head, showing him his own battle with Lord Drakkon. Angulo’s symbolic choice to tint this fight with green pays off with the heavy emotion of the scene. Mortarino choosing to show Jason with a cracked mask during the fight, to show just how harrowing it must have been, is excellent.

Drakkon is imposing against Jason’s fearful yet aggressive body posing and their fight during this scene is amazing. We know that Drakkon killed Jason in his timeline so he appears overconfident and doesn’t take this younger Jason as seriously as he should have, resulting in his brutal death.

Jason wakes up from this vision soon after and hurriedly tells Alpha-5 to transport him to the other Rangers after looking at Emissary with trepidation. While Jason does show up to help, ultimately he’s not needed as Trini comes up with an amazing plan that doesn’t require more destruction at all. 

GO GO POWER RANGERS #23 - The Might of Warbunny 4

In what might be the only time it has ever been attempted as an alternative, at least to my knowledge, Trini steps out of her Megazord and tries talking to Warbunny. She tries to convince him that what he’s doing is not him and that he has been corrupted.

Of course this approach doesn’t work and the other Rangers have to step in and save her when he pounces on her. The psychological damage is done though. Trini quits working at the center because she doesn’t want anything on her conscience if the kids were to be hurt because of her.

Wounds are deepened further as Jason doesn’t exactly explain what happened to him, but this likely will up being the catalyst to him joining Emissary and the other Omega Rangers as we’ve seen in the Mighty Morphin series.

Jason has always been a responsible hero, so to see him omit important information from eve Zordon is a bit out of character, but given the nature of the threats that he saw in his vision it’s very understandable why he’s so hesitant. 

GO GO POWER RANGERS #23 - The Might of Warbunny 5

The book ends with the ominous silhouettes of future threats, two of which I believe we’ve seen before in Garrison Vox and Dayne, but there’s a third that’s quite skinny. Part of me fears that one the most because of his size and he gives off that Ebony Maw feel. Like he’s physically the weakest, but his mind may make him the most dangerous of all.

While it does irk me that both of these series are being run at once but with their stories taking place only maybe a few months apart, it is still good to see the exact lead up to how Jason, Zack and Trini will eventually make their way to space.

GO GO POWER RANGERS #23 - The Might of Warbunny 6

As Necessary Evil continues, so too does the excitement and grandeur of the story itself. 

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