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[REVIEW] Go Go Power Rangers #18, An Intense Piece of Exposition

Go Go Power Rangers #18
Go Go Power Rangers #18 – Cover Art

Rita Repulsa Origin Story

Go Go Power Rangers initially served as an origin/companion story for the other great Mighty Morphin Power Rangers book. Since then GGPR has grown into it’s own awesome book with great characterization, back story and art. This issue sees the original purpose of the Alphas and Rita Repulsa finally meeting her mother.

Ryan Parrott does a good job of introducing Alpha-1 as a servant of Zordon. Capable of fighting as well as being the voice of reason. He leads the Rangers in fighting a reanimated dinosaur, providing tactical support that secures victory for the team. However, Trini senses something is amiss while the other Rangers dismiss her feelings as simple paranoia.

Go Go Power Rangers #18
Go Go Power Rangers #18 – Page 3

Seeds of Doubt

Parrot does a great job of sewing the seeds of doubt within Trini. Especially when Jason agrees he trusts Zordon’s decision to trust Alpha-1. In turn hurting her after the events of previous issues. Of course, we can see that Alpha -1 is TOO loyal after having been left in space for however long after Zordon mistakenly led him to a trap.

We also get to see Rita Repulsa’s first interaction with her mother, who, oddly enough is wearing the chest piece and pauldrons of the Green Dragon Ranger. Rita is more sympathetic here. Looking like she has been waiting for this moment. Knowing that she’s also going to break her mother’s heart once she learns the secret to unlocking the Dragon Power Coin.

Go Go Power Rangers #18
Go Go Power Rangers #18 – Page 4

Rita and the Power Rangers Power Up!

Her mother discovers her evil intentions and powers up in an awesome display. Eleonora Carlini’s skill as an artist with her gown flowing with the surge of energy, her hair waving and her outline and eyes glowing with bright light – looks fantastic! Also, not necessarily an Easter egg, but her mother wanting her to be a shining star in the universe does seem to me like a nod to Rita becoming the future Mystic Mother, sporting similar attire to her own mother.

This issue was great for what it was for, setting up coming stories and furthering an ongoing one. The lead up to the Green Ranger’s debut has been solid and finding out who the many stepping stones were along the way has been great.

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Go Go Power Rangers #18
Go Go Power Rangers #18 – Page 8