GHOSTED IN LA #4 – The Mystery Deepens

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Ghostly Attack

Just like the past issues, Ghosted in L.A. #4 starts out with a less colorful flashback into the past lives of one of the ghosts before switching to the present day. In this case, we not only see that Maurice was an impatient jerk even when he was alive and treated others horribly, but also see how he died when he slips in the bathroom and hits his head.

Continuing from where the last issue left off, Daphne is being chased by Maurice all over Rycroft. Ronnie, who was still getting to know Bernard, tries to help her but gets flung into the pool. The other ghosts intervene, with Boyd using psychic attacks to hold him back, but it doesn’t work. As Daphne gets to the roof, Maurice suggests that Agi always brings in people for him to feed. Agi arrives and, unable to calm Maurice down, banishes his spirit away as she felt he squandered both of his lives with his attitude.

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The Start of More Questions

When Daphne asks Agi about what Maurice said, feeding him humans, she refuses to answer and scolds Daphne for her broken promises. Agi will let all of what happened go if Daphne does a favor for her, which she agrees to. Along the way, Daphne buys a music record that she previously promised to Ricky. She arrives at a cemetery with a bouquet of flowers and places them on a specific grave, whose tombstone has a last name similar to Boyd’s.

Wanting answers, Daphne races back to Rycroft, only to find a new ghost has arrived. This being the recently deceased Zola Tesla, a musician that Daphne was a fan of. The comic ends with Kristi, Daphne’s best friend she had a fight with in the first issue, worried after not hearing from her for a while and deciding to visit California.

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Perfect Writing and Art

This is definitely a big improvement over the third issue, as Ghosted #4 continues the mystery and drama of Rycroft while also giving us a touch of comedy. The resolution from the end of the third issue was done very well as it takes about half of this one to be done, rather than easily doing it in two or three pages.

Sina’s writing and Siobhan’s artwork continues to be powerful, managing to be refreshing and lively. Adding mystery upon mystery, this series does a good job at giving us new questions without it feeing too forced or stale. The few issues I do have are mainly near the end, one being Daphne’s reaction to the name on the grave being a bit overdramatic and the last shot of Kristi as she does a weird pose that makes it seem like she’s about to get in a fight.

Managing to improve from the third issue, but not keeping me from reading more, Ghosted in L.A. #4 is an excellent chapter in this series that best captures why we keep going back to it.

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How did we rate the latest Ghosted? Rating: 6 Sodas.

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