Crowded Issue #3 New Challengers, Old Problems


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Crowded Issue 3

At the end of Issue #2 we were introduced to two unique looking assassins on the hunt for Charlie’s ever-growing Reapr bounty. This issue takes its time establishing them as well as their differing methodologies, so without further ado let us introduce them:

Trotter, the High Octane Streamer Killer.

Crowded Issue #3 New Challengers, Old Problems 1

In today’s modern age, streaming is a very viable source of income. People stream themselves doing all kinds of things, from video games to even physical therapy sessions. In the context of CROWDED, Trotter is famous for live-streaming all of his kills. There is even a page in the comic dedicated to some of his more ridiculous hit jobs.

Yet, what is most interesting about him? While he has built this cult of personality around his hit jobs, through dialogue it seems he has plateaued. It is believed he is losing his “unique” appeal thus he is using this Reapr campaign as both a paycheck and as a way of re-invigorating interest in his work.

Circe, Silent and Methodical

Crowded Issue #3 New Challengers, Old Problems 2

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Circe. Her entrance is quiet whereas Trotter’s is loud. Whereas Trotter has legions of fans following him everywhere, she keeps a low profile going in areas that won’t attract a lot of attention. As we read more of her we get the sense that she is methodical about everything. Getting into the heads of her targets, investigating for leads, even going as far as dressing up in the cloths of her targets to get a better read on them. How she will be handled going forward will be most interesting.

And finally, our Heroines…

Crowded Issue #3 New Challengers, Old Problems 3

Things haven’t been going well for Vita and Charlie. At the end of the second issue they were hiding out in an cheap run down apartment complex. Beginning of this issue, they are chased out of that apartment to find a new place to hide. This part of the comic was painful to me as a regular of the institution, but yes, they hide out in a public library building converted into a sort of homeless shelter?

Let me pause for a bit, that was painful to type…

Regardless, that is the hole they find themselves in. While shopping for groceries they are once again attacked by Reapr assassins with Vita finally realizing why they keep getting found out. With the solution to that problem at her house she makes all haste to get there, but…

Crowded Issue #3 New Challengers, Old Problems 4

…that doesn’t end well.

All and all, very exciting read. Good pacing, good character building, and a lot of fleshing out around the edges of our new antagonists. Very interested in Issue #4.
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