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Buffy The Vampire Slayer #1 – Cover Art

I absolutely loved the original Buffy series. It was fun, quirky and put Joss Whedon’s name on the map for good humor and fantastic female lead characters. This first issue of a new series, with a sequel to the show supposedly coming soon, acts as an origin story for Buffy and her friends Willow and Xander, but doesn’t quite hit the heights of the show.

The book has all of the hallmarks of an episode of the show. Buffy killing vampires in the opening, a chewing out from Giles about her staying anonymous, her brooding and fun hang-out time with her friends.

The problem is that it feels like a filler episode. It has a little bit of plot advancement with the introduction on an amulet that prevents vampires from being killed by stakes and likely other means. A main villain is introduced, but very briefly and there is very little action.

The dialogue is less than stellar. In trying to capture the feel of the show Jordie Bellaire tries her best to make Buffy seem semi-serious and yet still fun, but comes off as stiff. Xander always had cringe-worthy lines in the show but he comes off way more awkward in this book. Speaking like NO OTHER PERSON has actually spoken.
“No more mouth talking, we must be using our legs for walking.” He says, making every bone in my body lock up. Tonally, the only two that sound like their on-screen selves are Willow and Giles. Both of whom are written well here.

Dan Mora does a great job on art, but it feels very wasted as there’s not really too much for him to do to show how skilled he can be. The two fights that do happen are fine, but they’re over as soon as they begin. Future issues will more than likely be more action packed, but for now it’s kind of static.

I’m certain this new series will pick up the pace, so I wouldn’t be turned off by this first issue. Mora’s art is good and while not the best, the dialogue is serviceable. It does a decent job of reminding us of who these characters are and hopefully why we fell in love with them for all seven seasons.

How did we rate this issue? 4 Sodas
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