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BLOODSHOT #1 – Step by Step Introduction into the world of Bloodshot

BLOODSHOT #1 - Step by Step Introduction into the world of Bloodshot 1

Who or what is Bloodshot?

Bloodshot. The bio-engineered human weapon from Valiant Entertainment is back! In an all-new repackaged comic book series that picks up where the last volume left off. Both in tone and flavour. Bloodshot is a high octane adrenaline fuelled comic book. Infused with an over indulgent combination of science fiction meets action meets racial persecution meets “**** you, I’m going to shoot you in the face!”

At first glance it’s easy to chokehold or pigeon hole Tim Seeley and Brett Booth’s recreation of the Bloodshot character into Valiant Entertainment’s own Wolverine. But Bloodshot is more than that. Think a genetically engineered human being with trillions of nanites in his bloodstream. Allowing him to absorb endless amounts of gunfire and shapeshift into a completely different person.

Now chuck in his original government mandated mission to find and arrest psychic or telekinetic gifted renegades (psyots). He is a human wrecking ball where his entire being is a literal utility belt. Sorry not sorry, Wolverine.

The Bloodshot Players

Issue #1 occurs in two locations – France and Yemen. Though mostly Yemen. And if you’re like me and also had to google where the hell Yemen is, don’t worry you’re not alone.

We’re introduced to the seedy underbelly of crack troops (probably rebels themselves) in Yemen discovering a couple thieves stealing supplies of food. Food that could be used by the rebels. And of course the logical solution?

Let’s execute them.

Enter Bloodshot. Who, in traditional Bloodshot form, saves the couple from certain death but in doing so – lays waste to the entire Yemen countryside. Again, if need to know where Yemen is, have you used Google yet?

While Bloodshot lays waste to Yemen, cut scene to General Grayle explaining just why Bloodshot is so dangerous and needs to be apprehended.

This is wrapped in two scenes at the beginning and end of a Prime Minister at a G7 summit in France. He’s delivered some redacted documents, clearly concerning Bloodshot, though it’s never clear why these documents are delivered. Or why it’s relevant to the story that he’s the PM of the 5th largest economic power in the world?


For me, Bloodshot #1 does for comic books what Mad Max: Fury Road did for film. High adrenaline fuelled ridiculously brilliant action sequences that need to be captured in the live action medium.

Though there are some odd writing choices at this junction, I feel given the opportunity, these choices will be explained in the long term. Because if past Bloodshot creative teams are anything to go by, Valiant doesn’t hire writers who spend their time bastardising the Bloodshot continuity.

BLOODSHOT #1 - Step by Step Introduction into the world of Bloodshot 8

This is a safe, simple formula, filled with the right amount of explosive eye candy and gun shot gore meets sci-fi directed action.

On sale September 25th, 2019. Do yourself a favour and pick this up!

How did we rate Bloodshot #1? 6 Sodas.
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