Absolute Carnage #1 Bathes In Blood.

Absolute Carnage #1 Bathes In Blood. 1

Hoooo boy. In an effort to be full transparent, I will admit that is has been quite some time since Ive read a Spiderman comic. Heck, its been awhile since I’ve read a VENOM comic. While aware of some pieces here and there, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect with ABSOLUTE CARNAGE #1 here. The cover, as you can see above, is very appropriately moody for its title.

So what are we working with here? Clearly the story line is themed around the infamous Spiderman villain Carnage. Originally just a psychopathic mass murderer with a cast-off piece of Venom, he appears to have taken on a new mission. A holy mission to unleash a murder god. Which one you might be asking?

Absolute Carnage #1 Bathes In Blood. 2
This one.

Unleashing a God

How does one go about doing that? Well, in a convoluted explanation given by one Eddie Brock, Cletus is tracking down what is known as Codices. These “Codices” are implanted in people who have worn a Symbiote. Including Eddie himself, though he once again appeared to be on the outs with his Symbiote Venom. On the run with his son (when did THAT happen) he is eventually corned by Carnage in the subway. The Venom symbiote came to his rescue, but….

Absolute Carnage #1 Bathes In Blood. 3
Absolute Carnage #1 Bathes In Blood. 4

….it doesn’t go very well. They do manage to escape, taking advantage of his weakness to electricity, but its a very close thing. Feeling cornered, Venom piloting Eddie takes him to the one person in the world that might help them. Someone very familiar with the symbiotes, who seems to have the worse luck in the universe, yet is always there to lend a hand.

Enter the Spider-Verse

Absolute Carnage #1 Bathes In Blood. 5

With Peter on board, the hero duo race to figure out a way to stop Cassedy. They get one, in the form of an alternate universe Reed Richards, though they need a Codex from someone who has worn a Symbiote before. The only figure, to either of them, that comes to mind is old staple Norman Osborn. At some point in the Spiderman comics, he wore the Carnage Symbiote for a time becoming “Red Goblin”. Doing so broke his mind further leading to being incarcerated. As such, its up to our duo to go and get him for their scheme, even though….

Absolute Carnage #1 Bathes In Blood. 6

….they are going to need some serious backup.

Overall Impressions

Having been off the wagon as stated in the beginning, I have no idea how to feel about the comic. While it was gory, violent, and very in keeping with what I’ve known of the characters from before, a lot has happened since then. References and key plot points came as a complete surprise, sometimes to the point where I had to look it up to see if it was real.

Outside that? Speaking just of the comic? Its good. REAL good. Its moody, dark, filled with atmosphere drawn with a gravitas that this is very bad. Fans of Cthulu-isque comic horror will find this right up there alley while long time readers of Spiderman will no doubt thoroughly enjoy this more gritty affair.

Absolute Carnage #1 Bathes In Blood. 7

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How did we rate Absolute Carnage #1? 4 out of 6 Sodas
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