[RECAP] Game of Thrones S08E03, In Which We Couldn’t See Shit

Game of Thrones, Foxtel, HBO, Fantasay, Fire, Ice

Winter Is Here

The Long Night has come and gone.

There’s little to say of this episode besides then its one of the best in the series. It has exceeded all of this reviewer’s expectations.

From the very beginning to the very end, the tension and the stakes of this battle has never been higher for the people of Westeros. The dead looming in the dark brought an ominous sense of dread. Even with the help of the Red Woman, there was little she could do but watch as the light from the flaming swords of the Dothraki were swallowed up by the forces of the dead.

This Game of Thrones episode is one of the longest, and most intense battle scenes to date for the series. Coming in at eighty two minutes, it clocks in at longer than the battle of Helm’s Deep from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Game of Thrones, Foxtel, HBO, Fantasay, Fire, Ice

The Dead converge on the Living

Even though this was the battle to save the seven kingdoms, the show’s creators took their time to show the different stories converging on the different characters within the castle. Including elements of horror as the Wights break into the castle and an injured Arya uses her stealth skills to make her way out of the castle library.

More of the newly raised dead and old corpses from the Winterfell crypts are raised by the Night King as he makes his way to the Godswood. The most shocking thing about this episode, was that the defenders of the seven kingdoms had won. Against all odds, they won against the Night King, and the legions of dead that came with him.

But at a cost.

Game of Thrones, Foxtel, HBO, Fantasay, Fire, Ice

The Reality of Victory

All of The Dothraki, and countless Unsullied, Dolorous Edd had fallen. Both Jorah and Lyanna Mormont went out like heroes, and will be remembered as such. While Lord Beric and Theon Greyjoy found their redemption and purpose in death. With so many others I can’t fit on here.

While Melisandre kept her promise. Going out before the rising sun.

The direction of this episode was amazing as an almost nine year arc from the beginning of the series came to an end. Next week will serve up what Cersei has in store for Jon Snow and Khaleesi.

For North American fans, Season 8 of Game of Thrones is available via HBO. For Australian fans, Season 8 is available via Foxtel.

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