Rai #4 Cover

Nothing but Positive things to Say about RAI

I just cannot say enough good things about RAI. It is unsurprisingly the bright spot of Valiant entertainment. Each issue is in itself its own self contained story as well as seamlessly furthering the main story arc. 

What's the score!?


Rai #4

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Juan Jose Ryp

Abnett and Ryp are killing it on RAI and I am more and more excited by what’s to come in the future with each new issue I read.

  • Awesomeness - 80%
  • Plot - 90%
  • Characters - 90%
  • Tone - 90%

Rai #4 continues the journey of Rai and Raijin. With another piece of the Father’s Offspring in their sights, our heroes’ journey brings them to the doorstep of the Hope Springs. A remote settlement isolated from the rest of the world by its tall walls. Tempers quickly flare as Ria’s mission interferes with Hope Springs’ livelihood. 

Rai #4 Page 1

Abnett’s Writing is the Clear Highlight!

Abnett’s writing is as great as it’s ever been here. Each character has their own identity and personality and truly feels like a living ensemble cast. When Rai and Raijin arrive in hope Springs and have a heated disagreement with the settlement’s leader, Rai is reminded that his entire mission is a guilt imposed clean up act after he basically dropped an entire space station into our world. 

At an impasse, Rai is met by his old friend Gilad the Eternal Warrior. But this reunion doesn’t remain a happy one for long as Rai’s mission to clean up the Father’s Offspring directly comes head to head with Gilad’s newfound way of life. Seeing Rai and Gilad come to blows is great but I can’t wait to see the inevitable team-up between these two as the true enemy comes knocking on the last page. 

Rai #4 Page 2

Like watching a Live Action TV Series

Juan Jose Ryp’s artwork is truly amazing and I’m positive he only gets better with each new issue. There is no shortcut taken in his execution. The amount of detail he is able to fit in every panel is truly masterful. As an indie comic book writer myself, I can tell you how frustrating it is when an artist cheats a camera angle or zooms in on a character to hide backgrounds or multiple characters in a shot but Ryp seems to relish and thrive in this.

This truly does make reading this series feel more like watching an episode of a great action television show rather than reading a comic book. 
RAI #4 keeps pushing the story and building to a confrontation I can’t wait to see. Abnett and Ryp are killing it on RAI and I am more and more excited by what’s to come in the future with each new issue I read.

Rai #4 Page 3