POWERS OF X #1 – Hickman whips out his 10 foot tall NIMROD

House of X #1 review

Powers of X inserts Timeline Gobbledygook

Powers of X. Or, Powers of 10, is where the confusing themes of House of X moves the reader on from unconsciously unaware to consciously unaware of what’s going on in this event saga.

Powers of X #1
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The tone and world-building that Jonathan Hickman unleashes upon the unsuspecting reader is, in itself, the stand out from this release. A great start to an over-embellished story line.

At this point in the House of X/Powers of X saga, Powers of X #1 continues the aesthetic of epic world building. Expanding from the world and krakoa itself to building and manipulating the space time continuum. Resulting in four intersecting timelines that effect one another. 

  • XO: a somewhat familiar timeline featuring an all too familiar Charles Xavier as he begins to dream of the X-Men. 
  • X1: The X-Men ten years later. The somewhat prime time line that House of X introduced us to at the start of this series. Y’know, the one where Xavier has a giant hat. 
  • X2: The one hundred year war featuring a sinister sentinel, who everyone familiar with Earth-1191, will remember as Nimrod. 
  • X3: 1000 years later. Concerning something to do with “ascension.”
House of X #1 review

Futuristic Retcons

Powers of X #1 is convoluted in its approach to laying down the groundwork of the four disparate timelines. Where House of X spent 75% of that issue world building – this issue spends the majority of its time retconning the future of mutant kind. Although, it’s necessary to lay down a commentary on the timelines and the linear effects they will have on one another. Hickman treads a fine line between creating a rich narrative for his characters and relegating himself to the task of fictional historian. 

The significance of the first scene depicting Moira and Charles meeting for the first time is washed over rather quickly. Although, a smart move by Hickman, it ties in rather nicely with the second issue of House of X. 

The futuristic outlook of the dystopian X2 timeline is what holds ground for me. Introducing us to interesting new characters (specifically, Cylobel) whilst pulling the sentinel card to launch Nimrod into the picture. I applaud Silva in little to no deviation in the designs of Nimrod and his army of sentinels from those we all know and love. The biggest change is in Hickman giving Nimrod a certain degree of empathy which makes its character even more frightening. A futuristic, maniacal, killing machine who revels in his own work. 

House of X #1 review


The link forged between XO, X1 and X2 timelines is the magician, the priest and the tower. Whom the first two are introduced as the two mutants who tried to aid Cylobel prior to her capture. While the link to X3 is Cylobel’s corpse still in the stasis tube we see Nimrod putting her in, earlier in the issue. While the significance of these events continues to allude us. 

Marte Gracia’s work needs to be applauded for this entire issue. The tone of her palettes elevates each X-character to new heights. While providing a certain amount of depth to the bleak future this limited series will continue to unveil. Though little is known up to this point. Its apparent that the motivation of this series will continue to be driven home by the characters of X3 timeline. A wise move by Hickman and co.