Vampblade Volume 9 Gets Release Date

Vampblade, image courtesy of Action Lab Entertainment
Vampblade returns in Vol 9: Crisis on Alternate Earth

The fate of reality is at stake in this thrilling conclusion to the third season of VAMPBLADE! Writer Jason Martin and artist Marco Maccagni show Katie Carva return to her alternate Earth. Joining forces with her alternate self as well as some powerful friends. Will they succeed, or will the reality of the world be impacted forever?!

Creator Jason Martin comments,

“It’s been a lot of fun this season teaming up two Vampblades on one alternate Earth. But just like any over-stayed visit, Katie’s time on earth 97225 is starting have serious (in this case reality bending) ramifications! But before we can find out if its even possible for her to go home, they’ll have to team up one last time!!” 

A comic shop manager by day and other dimensional vampire slayer by night, Katie Carva is Vampblade. Readers who enjoy the adventures of BLACK BETTY, ZOMBIE TRAMP and DOLLFACE will enjoy this 90s comic tongue-in-cheek bad girl inspired character.

VAMPBLADE VOLUME 9 collects issues 9-12 from season three of the hit Danger Zone series.  Available in March 2019 from your local Comic Book Shop.

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