[NEWS] Main Character Breakdown for Swamp Thing TV Show

Swamp Thing Casting Call

A casting breakdown for one of the 4 major DC Universe properties, Swamp Thing, has been unveiled.

The wholely owned DC streaming service has, unsurprisingly, given us a key insight into the two main characters; Abby Arcane and Alec Holland. The origins of Swamp Thing can be traced back to early 1970s. Where Marvel looked to bring a new original character into the wave of horror comics sweeping the USA at the time.

Swamp Thing focused on Alec Holland – a scientist who was transformed into some sort of swamp monster following an attack on his lab. Holland would go on to form a friendship with Abby Arcane, the niece of the mad scientist Dr. Anton Arcane, who saw Holland’s transformation as a means of gaining immortality. Their relationship later became more intimate, when writer Alan Moore took over the series. Revealing that Swamp Thing was not really Alec Holland but an earth elemental who had absorbed Holland’s memories. This idea has fallen out of favor in recent years, however, with the New 52 DC Comicsrevamp reestablishing Alec Holland as Swamp Thing.

Here’s what we know how these two characters will be represented in the live action series:

[ABBY ARCANE] Female, 30s, smart, private, professional, something of a loner, Abby works for the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, which has sent her to her hometown of Houma after ten years away to check out the worrying “Houma Flu.” After losing her mother at age 8 and bouncing through a series of foster families, Abby suddenly left Houma after high school to study medicine. Abby is good at her job but currently in the doghouse with her boss. Struggling with a secret that’s prompted her leaving and now the need to pop pills when necessary, Abby is apprehensive about going back home to Houma, and things are indeed awkward with her high school ex, Matt, who remained in Houma and became a cop. Abby hits it off immediately with a Sunderland Corporation researcher, Alec Holland, but soon discovers that her own efforts, like those of Alec, are considered suspect by the townsfolk, who aren’t happy with her feeling that it’s best to shut down the swamp (where the locals make their living) as they investigate the flu. Abby has her hands full with a potential epidemic, a town full of hostiles, and a strange but alluring “Shape Of Water” romance with a creature borne from the swamp.

[ALEC HOLLAND] Male, 30s, smart, a bit of a hot-head, determined, passionate about his work, Alec works for the Sunderland Corporation (which is apparently building a hospital in Houma) as an independent researcher, where he’s discovered a connection between the swamp and the Houma flu. Alec hits it off immediately with CDC researcher and Houma native Abby Arcane, and the two of them are much alike, each wanting more out of life, interested in science, and not having much of a love life. Alec is not a big hit with the rest of Houma, however, who view him with suspicion if not open hostility. Alec is determined to persevere despite the town’s hostility, but it’s clear that the Swamp has its own plans for Alec when he undergoes a strange transformation into a swamp-based creature with abilities he could never imagine.

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