[KICKSTARTER KORNER] Pablo The Gorilla Swings into the Crowdfunding Jungle

[KICKSTARTER KORNER] Pablo The Gorilla Swings into the Crowdfunding Jungle 1

Pizza Delivery Can Be Murder – Even For Pablo The Gorilla

It’s tough enough being a cyborg gorilla delivering pizzas, but it gets a lot worse when the government and monster hunt you down.

Recently launched on Kickstarter, Pablo the Gorilla #1, centers on a cyborg gorilla that delivers pizza and comes to face danger on two fronts.

The comic is a bit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with a dash of Mighty Joe Young. The Kickstarter campaign looks to print a comic with three covers when successfully funded: a regular cover, a blank sketch cover and a variant cover by an Eisner Award-winning artist. 

“I’m not saying it’s going to be the next Ninja Turtles, but I’m not, NOT saying it either,” jests creator Don Nguyen.

Pablo the Gorilla, the Journey

Pablo the Gorilla is a labor of love years in the making. Drawing inspiration from indie comic favorites like TMNT and Tank Girl whilst paying a bit of homage to the style of 90s comics such as Cyberforce and X-Force. So much force! While tapping into blockbusters of Ape-like proportions like Mighty Joe Young and the Planet of the Apes franchise.

Pablo the Gorilla follows an albino cyborg gorilla that delivers pizza and just wants to live life. The government that created him wants their pet project back while a mysterious creature also hunts down the unwitting, cybernetically-enhanced primate. Proving in this modern-twenty first century age that a gorilla’s struggle is all too real. 

What you get for Supporting the Kickstarter?

The Kickstarter campaign has just kicked off and will run for 30 days with a goal of $3,700 USD to produce a comic with 3 covers. The comic will feature a regular cover by creator Don Nguyen, a blank sketch cover and an exclusive variant cover by Eisner Award winner Dustin Nguyen (no relation) of Lil Gotham, Descender and Ascender. Digital and physicals rewards will be offered including PDF and physical copies of the comic and original sketches.

But for now, enjoy some Pablo the Gorilla art: