Brock Lesnar shocks WWE Universe with Game of Thrones Appearance

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Brock Lesnar Takes Dragon To Suplex City

If you’re settling into a quiet evening viewing of Game of Thrones expecting no surprises. You are right. An estimated 100 trillion viewers were treated to a no surprises, no deaths, no incest finale episode of Game of Thrones. Or so the Jon Snowflakes (collective noun describing a typical Game of Thrones fan) thought.

At roughly 33:33 into the episode, those few WWE fans who were pulling double duty as Game of Thrones Snowflakes, mostly because they’re unemployed and stupid – were treated to a surprise crossover.

Sir Poor Heyman the Advocate, marched up the palace stairs of Kings Landing to announce the Beast Incarnate, “Burrrr-Rock Lesnar.”

Brock Lesnar, 41, sporting a questionably successful Professional Wrestling career and voice only David Beckham would love, quickly moved in behind “The Dragon.”

What followed over the next five gruelling minutes was a set of 137 Suplexes. Taking Daenerys’ dragon to suplex city. Before pinning the dragon for a three count, courtesy of Poderick.

Kings Landing Suplex City shirts were found in the dishevelled remains of Westeros. A fitting ending to a show taken well before it’s time. We’ve reached out to Poor Heyman and Brock Lesnar for comment but they’ve yet to respond.

Despite the win, Brock Lesnar is still no match for Seth Rollins.