John Carpenter’s Storm King Productions Reveal New Comic Series

John Carpenter’s The Grimms Town Terror Tales

Storm King Productions, the Television/Comic Book studio run by iconic Horror Director John Carpenter and his wife Sandy King, have revealed more details and artwork about upcoming upcoming Comic Book series, The Grimms Town Terror Tales: Rise of the Candy Creeper.

New Comic Series from John Carpenter's Storm King Productions

In this spine-tingling tale of mystery and adventure, Hansel & Gretel must face off against the nefarious Hildaga Vontrix, a devious witch that commands a legion of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. Hansel & Gretel’s tale begins when they return home to find their family’s home ransacked and their parents are missing. They soon find their way into a hidden liar under the family house where they discover their mother and father have been leading a secret double life, as suburban parents by day and heroic monster hunters by night; a family tradition dating back hundreds of years.

Hansel & Gretel must now pick up where their parents left off and rise to become the new protectors of Grimms Town. Armed with an awesome array of techno-magical weapons designed for paranormal butt-kicking kicking (technological devices fueled by magical energy), coupled the mysterious ability to control a mystical element called terramana, they will embark upon a heroic adventure to find their missing parents.

Along the way they learn of a secret family curse that gives them the power to fight evil, but also puts them in danger of becoming evil themselves. With the help of their whimsically-weird Aunt Zoe and a goblin called Grubb that’s about as fierce as a puppy, they will fight to protect Grimms Town from the many creepy and dreadful things that go bump in the night.

The Grimms Town Terror Tales combines the suspenseful intrigue of Stranger Things with the zany ghoul-capturing antics of Ghostbusters. With a mix of humor and spine-tingling terror, these tales are sure to captivate readers both young and old alike.

Check out the official trailer on John Carpenter’s youtube page:

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