NANCY DREW teams up with the HARDY BOYS 1

Prior to reading this Trade I had no knowledge of Nancy Drew. I mean, other than a dusty collection of Hardy Boys novels I came across, when I was 10 years old.

I had no context when I read this first panel so there’s little comparison I can make other how this trade reads in terms of flow, subtext and dialogue.

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Case of the Missing Adults, from Scott Bryan Wilson and Bob Solanovic, is a fantastic graphic novel. Filled with nonstop action, teenage wonder and slapstick humour to boot.

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys - The Case of the Missing Parents


This is a teenage mystery drama easily communicable across any decade in the 20th//21st centuries. Combine this with the light hearted tones in both the writing and penciling styles. And you have a book suitable for all ages – even those not comic book fans.

  • Awesomeness - 85%
  • Plot - 95%
  • Characters - 95%
  • Tone - 90%
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When all the adults disappear its up to the superest of teenage sleuth detectives, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, to team up – to solve the mystery. This graphic novel takes the team through a veritable journey of clue solving as they’re going under cover one moment. And then the next they are chasing buses.

All with the plan in sight – how to get their teachers and parents back!

While riddles, mysteries and rumour appear to be the key selling point in the story’s synopsis. Its the interpersonal relationships between the Hardy Boys gang and Nancy Drew where Scott Bryan Wilson’s writing chops are king.

There are plenty of reviews online crediting both Wilson and Solanovic as revitalising the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew story.

While I can’t speak to that point, I can speak to the point that this story relies little on modern frames of reference in order to convey the body of Scott Bryan Wilson’s work.