MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #42 – The Calm Before Twin Storms

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #42 - The Calm Before Twin Storms 1

The fallout from Shattered Grid continues as the rangers, especially the new recruits Ayesha, Rocky and Adam, are being targeted by a Sirian bounty hunter by the name of Dayne. Meanwhile, on another world altogether, Jason, Trini and Zack are working to uncover the reason behind a spike in Morphin Energy on another planet in the galaxy.

This issue is another slow burn that decides to take things at a lesser pace to establish what would happen in the next issue. It also uses its time for excellent character development and foreshadowing, at least in regards to the previous issues villain in Garrison Vox.

The writing itself is Ryan Parrott’s standard. He’s great at giving each character their individual voices and making them stand out from each other. Ayesha is a lot more courageous and rebellious than Trini was. Rocky comes off as something of an airhead and Adam is… absolutely adorable for how little he does in this issue.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #42 - The Calm Before Twin Storms 2

I do wish, however, that more focus would be spent on trying to integrate them into the team in a more meaningful way as these last few issues have either split their time between the Earth Rangers and the Omega Rangers or focused entirely on the Omega Rangers. They are very interesting of course, but in that case, I feel like Go Go Power Rangers could be used as the main series for them instead of being the same story almost concurrently.

Kiya, one of the new intergalactic Omega Rangers, is given a spotlight as her past and how she got her Morphin powers are revealed. It’s an unimaginably tragic event that builds sympathy for her character and how the Shattering of the Morphin Grid not only affected the various rangers, but those around the universe as well.

We’re given insight into why she fights as a Power Ranger and why she does so much to ensure that no one else has to suffer the way that she did. She stands in vast opposition to Garrison Vox, who only wants to show his strength and dominate the wills of others. This is a great way to give focus to other Morphin users outside of humans, much like the Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers back in 1995.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #42 - The Calm Before Twin Storms 3

I’m very interested in her arc in particular. She doesn’t strike me as someone that will last forever and likely will either sacrifice herself in a future fight against Vox or ride off to protect Safehaven while the others return to Earth.

Not only is the writing good, but the art is stellar as well. Daniele di Nicuolo has such a distinct style, especially when coupled with Walter Baiamonte’s and Katia Ranalli’s colors. His action scenes are very well done even when the camera angles aren’t necessarily the most dynamic. The impacts are hard hitting and there’s an immense speed in a few of the panels. 

The scenes that are mostly exposition are still beautifully composed. There is a side by side shot of Garrison Vox and Kiya having a conversation and the arrogant confidence on his face is set against her fear, made even better by two small beads of sweat. It’s a very strong scene that tells us everything that we need to know about the characters and would work even without dialogue.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #42 - The Calm Before Twin Storms 4

The best of these scenes is absolutely one of the later ones where the Earth Rangers confront Dayne as he finally appears to them after spying on them to see how best to take the down. Dayne stands above them and as they raise their weapons to fire on them, he lets them know that he’s used an EMP in the area and that he’s about to open up a can of whoop ass upon them.

Dayne has been built up as this very credible threat, a methodical bounty hunter that finds a weakness in everything. For two issues we’ve been waiting for him to make his move and it looks like he finally will in the next one. He looks like the very definition of a bad guy that “wants all the smoke.” He’s not afraid of the Power Rangers in the least.

Baiamonte and Ranalli’s colors are flat, but in a way that helps them to stand out amongst the vibrant, solid color backgrounds during action scenes. But even in static scenes, like in Kiya’s case, some colors look amazing when set against the starry backgrounds as she’s the blue Omega Ranger with purple skin. Another great example is Kim and Tommy running along the Great Wall of China with a mild blue-green sky, him wearing green and her in pink.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #42 - The Calm Before Twin Storms 5

This issue of Power Rangers was a little bit down beat, but honestly, with Parrott at the helm it’s still a pretty enjoyable time. There was a good small bit of action to keep things from becoming too snoozy and I really enjoyed the character expansion for new Ranger Kiya. It’s also fantastic that the art is lovely as well and easily continues to set the tone of the story. 

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #42 - The Calm Before Twin Storms 6

What do we rate this issue? A cool Four out of Six Sodas!

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