Go Go Power Rangers #24 - With Heart and Guts 1

I suppose I should say that I love Bulk and Skull as they’ve appeared in the Power Rangers series thus far.

Aside from back-up stories that I didn’t read in some of the previous issues, Bulk and Skull have stood out as being more than just the guys that bullied the other kids at Angel Grove High. 

They’ve proven themselves honorable, kind and even courageous at times throughout the Go Go series since they’ve been given the time to shine on it. This issue was exemplary in just that.

Go Go Power Rangers #24 - With Heart and Guts 2

Bulk and Skull always have a scheme going to either expose the identities of the Powers Rangers or document their actions in saving Angel Grove from the many monsters that try to destroy it on a daily basis. For their efforts, they’ve started their own Power Rangers news outlet and try to get the best footage by any means necessary, even if it puts them in unnecessary danger.

Unfortunately as they’re not exactly the richest guys around, their scoops get outdone by a more wealthy local kid and his friends who rub their success in Bulk and Skull’s faces as they’re able to get on Angel Grove’s local news channel. This leads Bulk and Skull to buy some equipment and wait for the next attack, hoping that they’ll finally get their shot at fame and fortune through their “excellent” skills as reporters.

When another monster pops up in Angel Grove, Bulk and Skull find their opportunity, but are quickly stopped from entering the danger zone by a cop that looks suspiciously like Will Smith. After a giant T falls onto the cop’s car, Bulk and Skull use the distraction to get into the action.

Go Go Power Rangers #24 - With Heart and Guts 3

Immediately, they’re thrust into the danger of rubble, dust and explosions as the Rangers fight the gigantic alien in their Megazord. They’re not deterred by the destruction however, with Bulk seeing riches in his future after the amazing shots that they hope to get.

The art itself is nice and cute, but shines in particular during the fight. Daniel Bayliss chooses to have these pages framed through Bulk and Skull’s camera lens and I do love that approach. The alien and the Megazord are colored vibrantly thanks to Raul Angulo’s colors. The shots are awesome to me because they’re pulled in close like those found footage movies.

It gives things a dramatic and dangerous feel, especially given the possibility of them being crushed at any moment. Because of this, however, there is always the possibility of people being caught in the crossfire of these fights and that’s exactly what happens to a group of teenagers that Skull notices in an alley next to the building they’ve set up on.

Go Go Power Rangers #24 - With Heart and Guts 4

Without hesitation, Skull says that they need to rescue them. Bulk is initially hesitant, thinking that they can save themselves, but after some prodding he agrees. The duo then do what no one expected and saves all of the teenagers from the fight leaving their camera to be destroyed. Their nobility outshined their want of fame and they are all the better for it.

Later on at Ernie’s Juice and Gym bar, a news report plays with the footage from their rival Power Ranger reporters and Bulk looks mildly dejected. Ernie cheers him up by acknowledging that two other gentlemen had apparently helped people out and offers Bulk a new drink that he christens, “Bulk’s Guts.” Admittedly, not the most appealing name, but the gesture is nice.

Skull, however, gets discovered by one of the girls that he saved and she seems to take a genuine interest in him, continuing the idea that Skull really is one of the most eligible bachelors in Angel Grove as he’s been seen with multiple girls throughout this series, which is a surprising change for the character, but an appreciated one for giving him depth.

Go Go Power Rangers #24 - With Heart and Guts 5

This issue of Go Go Power Rangers was pretty darn great. With all of the harrowing action going on in the main storyline, it’s definitely a good time to have a bit of levity. Bulk and Skull are getting a bit of due credit as characters and it’s good to see that somehow, they can be elevated and well regarded by the writers and fans of the series.

The art was fun, yet still dynamic enough to keep ones attention, especially since this isn’t the normal series artist, Francesco Martarino. Daniel Bayliss does an excellent job with Raul Angulo’s coloring and infuses the book with a small bit of cartoon fun and giant Megazord action.

This issue was equal parts faithful and expansive to the characters by showing off the schemeful nature that made them fun and also illuminating the heroic spirits that were only glimpsed in the opening days of Shattered Grid even.