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Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia A MUST for Any Wrestling/Comic Book Fan

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #4
Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #4

This comic book series is going to make you want to throw your WWE licensed comic book collection straight in the trash. Move over BOOM! Studios and every other mob that’s given Wrestling Comic Books a fair shot. Because Indie Comic Book series’ Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia is running rickshaw around the slaw jaw competition that relies more on brand name and less on substance.

For those unfamiliar, Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia (IFPW) kicks off with a simple premise that hones in on the wrestling stereotype: Bad mouthing and trash talking. Because when a certain disgruntled wrestler makes a proud proclamation that he’s the “galactic champ of the universe” – the folks an alien planet full of alien wrestlers take this as a declaration of war!

It's all fun and games when you're a Pro-Wrestler
It’s all fun and games when you’re a Pro-Wrestler

Issue #4 of IFPW kicks off with the key characters, Rory, Don and Macho, pulling themselves from the wreckage of their car outside a theme park. What starts as a simple quest for a new set of wheels soon turns into a mini-fight for their lives as they’re ambushed by intergalactic wrestlers.

Rory, Don and Macho are soon rescued by a group of local wrestlers led by none other than Rory’s old flame, Linda. Bloody Linda!

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What follows is a road trip familiarising us with the old and new crew of Indie Wrestlers. All the while Rory and Linda attempt to (futilely) resolve their differences. Infighting ensues amid a backdrop of a homoerotic strip routine. Leading to the group becoming separated which creates a perfect opportunity for the intergalactic alien wrestlers to move in.

The art of Kendall Goode combined with the hues of colourist Jason Lewis is a perfect tag team. Goode taps into the stereotypical look and feel of every character in this issue. To the point where the big bad in the issue looks like the comic book doppelganger of Eric Bischoff.

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While the bright palette Lewis summons forth, gives the clean artwork a greater degree of prominence.

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia is a series that taps into the highs and lows (mostly lows) of a wrestler being on the road. While covering a lighter element of soft science fiction. It’s enough to keep an indie wrestling fan happy and act as the gateway drug for comic book fans who haven’t felt the love of pro-wrestling.

The evil Wrestletopians plot and scheme Rory's destruction
The evil Wrestletopians plot and scheme Rory’s destruction

You can pick up a copy of Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #4 through Comixology.

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