VAMPBLADE Season Four #3 -  Filling, but Unsatisfying 1

Not gonna lie, I was kind of disappointed on this one.

To recap, the Katie Carva that we know and love was unfortunately killed in the last season. In a last ditch effort by the cute and cuddly Grizmo, her consciousness was transplanted into the body of an Alternate Universe Katie’s body, fusing the two together. The two are then thrust back into 1994 and meet other alt-universe Vamblades.

That last issue left with such an amazing and interesting cliffhanger and I thought this issue would have built on that with gusto! Unfortunately, it did not. Beginning with Katie waking up after a bit of a rough night, questioning what dimension she’s even in. After getting into an argument with Katie Prime about having a body and the paths that led them to this point, Alt-Katie puts on some nice form fitting pants to talk to the other Vampblades.

VAMPBLADE Season Four #3 -  Filling, but Unsatisfying 2

After complimenting their voluptuously drawn ass, the Katies walk downstairs to find the dead bodies of the other Vampblades and the wide mouthed vampire from Vol. 4 and Danger Doll Squad Vol. 1. Without hesitation, Katie blades it up, ready to fight the evil creature! The villain is prepared, however, and uses his many tendrils to take over the bodies of the others.

What makes this so disappointing is that I was fully expecting an army of Vampblades to come together to finally take down the scourge of evil invisible vampires from another dimension. Just the thought of several badass babes clad in leather, killing evil is so cool! But nope, all of these awesomely designed other Katies are killed unceremoniously off screen. 

VAMPBLADE Season Four #3 -  Filling, but Unsatisfying 3

While there is a bad taste left in my mouth because of this, the book is still wildly enjoyable. These first few pages, drawn by Winston Young are still beautiful works of art. His lines are beautiful in a hand drawn way that I absolutely love, made even better by how distinct each Vampblade looks. Valentina Pucci’s colors make everything seem so lively and vibrant with hot pinks accentuated by their red outlines.

One thing I’d like to praise above all in the double page splash of the vampire taking over the Vampblades is the lighting on their clothing. Personally, I love the shininess of their latex, doubly so because all of their costume designs are unique and wonderful. A little bit of thought to your fetish gear can go a long way!

Soon after, we cut to a scene of Henry, Katie’s buddy, and Satya, Katie’s girlfriend, exploring the remains of the destroyed Earth they landed on. They go to Katie’s apartment and look for anything useful. Satya finds vampire detecting glasses and sees the absolute carnage in the apartment with the remains of slaughtered vampires everywhere. 

VAMPBLADE Season Four #3 -  Filling, but Unsatisfying 4

Before they can make any headway in their search, they’re met with someone in armor reminiscent of the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica or better yet Samus Aran. The being threatens to kill them if they don’t reveal where Katie is. This part is drawn by Boo Rudetoons, whose art is slightly less great than the others, in my opinion. This is likely because I’m not used to their style just yet, so it hasn’t quite had time to grow on me. 

We cut back to Katie fighting through the other Vampblades with art by Marco Maccagni. The transition between the varying artists is a little bit strange to me. Thankfully they’re split between each third of the book to avoid feeling very inconsistent and Maccagni is absolutely a reliable artist when it comes to his work on Vampblade.

Katie does her best to try and escape from the other girls by chopping through the stairwell in the house. The others chase her frantically with murder in their deep red eyes. Two of them manage to corner her in the kitchen before being dispatched in an awesome few panels. Katie kicks, slashes and slices before plunging her blades into the poor girls hearts, killing them.

VAMPBLADE Season Four #3 -  Filling, but Unsatisfying 5

Things start to take an unfortunate turn when Katie is then outnumbered and cornered. Katie Prime tries to tell Alt-Katie to “Blade Skin”, the technique she used in the past where her skin would become as hard and dense as the blades that she used to kill the vampires. Alt-Katie had not yet learned how to do that and she is slowly torn to pieces by the other Vampblades.

The panels take on an intense shade of red as they bite, cut and break Katies limbs. She tries her best to fight back, frantically telling Katie Prime that she doesn’t know how to, she doesn’t know how to let the blades take over. In an act of desperation, Katie Prime takes over the body, enveloping it in metal and impaling each of the Vampblades while looking like a maniac.

VAMPBLADE Season Four #3 -  Filling, but Unsatisfying 6

This issue of Vampblade was still pretty amazing. Despite my misgivings about the plot, things have been falling apart for the Katies since Katie Prime arrived in the alt-universe anyway. This continuation and especially how this issue ends sends chills down my spine as it sort of seems like Katie is on the verge of collapse. 

The art stays amazing even if Rudetoons did have a little bit of a stumble for my tastes. This is probably some of the most beautiful the ‘Blades have been drawn, especially with so many appearing in one issue. I honestly can’t wait to see how this season ends.

What do we rate this issue? It’s a middling Three Sodas out of Six!