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[HORROR HARLOTS] Vampblade: Season Four #2 (Issue #39) – Slow and Steady

[HORROR HARLOTS] Vampblade: Season Four #2 (Issue #39) - Slow and Steady 1

I would say that Vampblade is a series that prides itself on its heavy action and often times hilarious comedy. Not every issue is going to be that way of course as some have to act as set up for the rest of the future plot. This issue is exactly that.

This book tries to build on Katie’s confusion about being back in the 90s as well as introduce some potential fantastic new elements!

How do the Katies handle this situation? Do they get into a big brawl and kick the crap out of everyone, letting the police arrest the bad guys? Nope. In the most Vampblade manner possible, the bouncer asks if Katie is there to dance and after she says yes, he just lets her in. He even compliments her outfit in a wholesome way and when the cops show up, covers for her.

[HORROR HARLOTS] Vampblade: Season Four #2 (Issue #39) - Slow and Steady 2

After being transported back to the glorious year of 1994, alt-universe Katie is being chased by the police after her crashing through the top of “Video World” is noticed by the police. Being guided by the disembodied voice of the regular universe Katie, they head towards the sound of music. The two find that it’s the back entrance to a dance club guarded by a bouncer and drug dealers.

Realizing that they have no plan of action, the Katies ponder on what they can do. With no money or clothes and oversized blades, they don’t have anywhere to hide. Making their way through the club, they encounter a young Perry from 1994.

In normal Katie’s universe, Perry is a good close friend and owner/manager of Comic Planet. For alt-universe Katie, he’s a monster that killed her mother and raises her swords at him in a rage. He runs away in fear and she catches the attention of one of the Cage Dancers.

[HORROR HARLOTS] Vampblade: Season Four #2 (Issue #39) - Slow and Steady 3

Vampblade heads into the bathroom and gets pulled away by the cage dancer who says they need to talk. Elsewhere on Earth 97,005, Henry and Satya explore the destroyed and smoldering remains of Detroit. Back in 1994, the manager of Video World reveals himself to be a vampire after the cops call him in for the break in at the store.

These two scenes are mostly for the purpose of setting up the rest of the story for how it should unfold over the next few issues. Regular universe Katie makes a nod that the first Vampblade didn’t show up on her Earth until the late 90s.

It would make sense that the Vampires would have been waiting on there for a while and this early arrival disrupts their plans. What would make this even better is if this also ties into the Earth Henry and Satya find themselves on!

[HORROR HARLOTS] Vampblade: Season Four #2 (Issue #39) - Slow and Steady 4

This book definitely did not have much going on, even in the way of exposition there wasn’t too much dialogue. There was a funny sight gag or two, but scenes were mostly static with little action. The best part of this book, however, is the ending which knocks on the door of the wider multiverse theme in a big way. 

Winston Young’s art is a delight as always. Katie herself is beautifully drawn in her leather, almost fetish, gear. She looks like the most badass goth domme, though amongst the other characters in the issue, she stands out a lot. Colors mostly take on a mix of cool blues and warm-ish pinks to fit the 90s techno aesthetic. Even the destroyed Detroit of 97,005 takes on these tones and looks awesome for how little is seen.

This issue was great in regards of setting up the future of the series.Though with very little to go on, it’s not missable, but even reading a short summary is more than enough to understand what’s going on.The art remains good and I love the double Katie dynamic. I also can’t wait for the next issue, but what do we rate this? 3 Sodas out of 6!