GRIMM FAIRY TALES #36 -  Now with more Swamp 1
That’s not coming out anytime soon.

Greeting fellow Soda drinkers! This here will be my review of Grimm Fairy Tales as shown above. Now you might be wondering, “Wait didn’t this series end?”. If you are anything like me you’d be surprised that the series ended, at all, as well as surprised at the numbering. After all, the old series went up to about 100 issues so why are we going backwards?

Well as some of you might have correctly sussed out, this is a brand new series! Still within the Grimm universe set by the original series, but following a new protagonist named Skye Matthers. Yes, Matthers, as in the daughter of the previous series protagonist. Apparently she has inherited her mother’s title as “Guardian of the Nexus” and, according to the series creators, this “relaunch” will return to the series roots. Where each issue or series of issues were self-contained stories without a grand, overarching theme.

With that said, what IS this issue bringing us story wise?

Grimm Fairy Tales #36 Page 1
I’ll get you yet!

Nyeh He-Man!

The issue opens with, of all things, Skeletor. Okay he isn’t really Skeletor but this issue doesn’t really introduce us to who, precisely, this is. All the information we are given is that he has this young man manacled making a pair of gauntlets. What these gauntlets do, or their purpose, is a clear set up for further issues.

We are then left with the young man getting fire palmed before we experience a scene transition! Which takes us to…

Grimm Fairy Tales #36 Page 2
Don’t leap before you look!

Let’s play: Frogger edition

Our protagonist! Coming in hot from the sky to a rough landing. She proceeds to fight off an ambush of fish and frog men using some really neat moves.

Grimm Fairy Tales #36 Page 3
Captain Sword!

After her triumph she stumbles onto a family of survivors. Slightly fearing for their lives they try to shoo her away, but after calming them down she learns that these frog/fishmen are all over the place. Snatching villagers, raiding places, all dragging them back to a central location.

After a not-so-graceful introduction to the doorman, she is brought before their Swamp-y queen.

Grimm Fairy Tales #36 Page 4
Lady you got a little something…everywhere.

Unfortunately within the abode Sky’s abilities are less than effective. She is taken relatively easily, brought to a scene straight out of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, and placed within a cocoon for the “process”. This event is interrupted relatively quickly by some outside forces leading to Skye freeing herself.

Reclaiming her sword, being knocked out of the abode’s damping field, she spends the next couple of pages throwing down.

Grimm Fairy Tales #36 Page 5
Get her my pretties!

Well That Happened

This encounter happens for a few more pages of her and Queen Frog sassing each other. Finally at the end, with her freakishly long tongue caught, Sky asks the queen to taste the end of her blade to see if it was good. She was unable to comment due to, well, being very dead.

Skye then sends the villagers off to a safe haven on Earth, however one of them leaves her an ominous warning. Apparently ol Queenie here has a pair of sisters out there, each one worse than the other. Very Billy Goat Griff, but with frogs. Shrugging it off as nothing, she turns to leave when the un-THINKABLE happens.

Grimm Fairy Tales #36 Page 6
You want sauce with that?


Overall the comic was good! Had a lot of action, paced well, but its not something for new readers of the series. Very little is explained in this issue, if in fact anything at all. I would recommend going back a few issues, or heck back to issue #1, and work your way to this new issue. I know for one I will, this is right up my alley when it comes to fantasy comics.

You can pick up your copy of Grimm Fairy Tales directly from Zenescope, Comixology or your local comic book store. Out March 6th, 2020.