GHOSTED IN LA #9 – Darkness Past the Door

Ghosted in LA #9, image courtesy of BOOM! Studios

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Sins of the Past

Much like the fifth issue, Ghosted in L.A. #9’s opening flashback focuses on one of the living characters rather than the ghosts. Set around the same time as Daphne and Kristi’s fight, we see Michelle right before she went to California in Denmark.


She’s very strict about her religion and beliefs, even though her parents aren’t, to the point that she feels sinful for shoplifting so long ago. The minister that she sees assures her that confessing to the same sin isn’t necessary, but Michelle is obsessed with wanting to be perfect for God.

Back in the present, as she walks at night and reading a book she got from the occult shop from last issue, Michelle sees a ghostly wisp and follows it to Ronnie’s queer group. Bernard is there, watching Ronnie despite the fact that it was his idea to break up. As he flies away, Michelle witnesses him, making her realize that what she overheard from Daphne is true. This makes her suspicious of Daphne and goes to the library to research ghosts and figure out how to get rid of them.

Bonding Through Food

Earlier that day, Daphne learned to bake bread and make jam with Shirley to connect with her as a way of apologizing for the ritual going wrong. Learning to make food is part of Daphne’s plan to find herself. As they wait for the food, she shows Zola and some other ghosts a short film she made back in high school that used Zola’s music.

Just as the video starts, the bread and jam explode all over the kitchen. Zola accuses Ricky of having done it with his abilities out of jealousy.

GHOSTED IN LA #9 - Darkness Past the Door 1

Dark Symbols

When Daphne goes down to the basement to pick up the guitar she found before, she sees that the mystery door has opened. There’s nothing but darkness and Daphne notices black ink on the wall that wasn’t there before. She wants to tell the ghosts about the door and writing but finds Zola and Ricky still arguing.

Ricky accuses Zola of using her ink to write all over his room, but Daphne points out that it’s different from Zola’s. As more weird occurrences start to happen in Rycroft, Daphne fears that the ritual brought back Maurice.

Once Agi appears and she’s told of the door opening, she becomes worried. Going down into the basement, Agi worries that the ritual released the wrong soul and goes into the darkness.

GHOSTED IN LA #9 - Darkness Past the Door 2

Michelle’s Interesting Story

For the first time since she was introduced, Michelle finally has an interesting role in this series. Sina Grace manages to balance the two stories very well and I am exited to see how they will connect. Especially love how Bernard still has feelings for Ronnie and is jealous of his relationship, even though he was the one who ended it. It shows Bernard’s regrets and that letting him to not be careful.

Once again we get another pulse pounding and exiting cliffhanger. You can tell it’s important because of how quick Agi’s attitude changes once she’s told that the basement door opened.

ghosted in la 9

Out of Nowhere Fights and Wonky Designs

If there is one flaw in Grace’s writing it’s the fighting between Zola and Ricky feels a bit forced. It just starts as if they’ve been fighting constantly for the last few issues.

The artwork is, once again, done by Siobhan Keenan. As always, it’s great and full of detail but there are times where the character designs are a little off. Despite these flaws, Ghosted in L.A. #9 is yet another chapter that entices you to keep checking in.

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