BLOOD EROTICA SEX MAGIK – Faithless returns in brand new run from Boom! Studios

BOOM! Studios series Faithless makes its Erotica meets Magic return
Erotica meets Magic

In a press release by Boom Studios, it was announced that the series creators of Faithless are returning to their hit series for a brand new adventure. The original run explored themes of polyamory relationships as well as some slightly more mature themes. Without spoilers, suffice to say that it made a big splash in its debut and subsequent run.

The creators of this series are one Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet as the series writer and artist respectively. Both are eager to dive back into the world they have created looking to explore even more in this new world with Faith and her lovers.

Another returning aspect of the series are its variant covers. The original run saw a limited run of these covers that featured way more erotic overtones than the normal covers. Just like before, these variant covers will be limited printing only and will not be available anywhere else in printed media.

Fans of Faithless can look forward to this new run dropping in April of this year. It is set to pick up pretty close to the end of the original, with Faith’s power in the occult growing day by day. However, “…any power comes with a price. Faith has only just begun to pay for hers.”

How devilish. Keep your eyes here as we at Soda and Telepaths look forward to reviewing this title when it becomes available.

Happy reading!