Curtain (Hell) Raiser – Buried Alive Film Festival 2019

Curtain (Hell) Raiser - Buried Alive Film Festival 2019 1

The month of spooks and scares may be over, but the haunts and horrors are always waiting around the corner or in the darkest alleys when you least expect it. What better way to encapsulate such a feeling than to venture to a festival where horror and chills are abundant?

This Wednesday, lightning strikes on the reassembled corpse of Atlanta, Georgia as the Buried Alive Film Festival comes back for its 14th Annual event with even more tales of terror that will shake your very hearts to the core!

Curtain (Hell) Raiser - Buried Alive Film Festival 2019 2

Not only does the Festival contain Spooky Cinema from the states it also features of host of horrors from other countries as well, including Australia, Korea and Canada to name a few. As fantastic as the helpings we get here are, there’s nothing better than seeing what everyone else has to offer to the ever expanding Multiverse of Horror!

So if you’re in the Atlanta area and want to feel the beating of your heart as it’s wanting to pounce from your chest, come along to The Buried Alive Film Festival!

Dates: Wednesday, Nov. 13th – Sunday, Nov. 17th

Location: 7 Stages Theater, Atlanta, Georgia

Price: $12 Per Screening Block