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[COMIC REVIEW] Coronary : Episode One Reads Like A Black Mirror Sonnet

Coronary introduces the reader to a world over populated by the very parasites that ruined Instagram.

A virtual what if scenario gone horribly wrong. Or right, depending on your point of view. Expect to see fitness trainers, plastic surgeons, models, Hollywood, richer than f____ executives and ‘the clique.’ The world of Coronary is a veritable smorgasbord of the beautiful people.

Throw yourself in an alternate reality where self dubbed IG lifestyle coaches and cosmetic surgeons roam supreme. Ryan Burke’s Coronary offers us a world, not too dissimilar from ours, where plastic surgery is free. Beauty is only skin deep and the insanity of the London Burke scribes goes far deeper.

Episode One’s art is eerily comfortable which complements the dialogue of the characters and their interactions with Coronary’s environment. Like a dagger slowly dragging on the surface of a completed canvass. The tension in this comic noir meets thriller would have Humphrey Bogart frantically scrambling for the nearest vial of Xanax. Still, this first issue serves more like an introductory piece (or tour) to the overall story.

Comic book fanboys in need of something a tad more sinister should add this issue to the collection. More akin to Black Mirror than to the big two, Coronary gives us a taste of where the darkest depths of the human imagination can take you.


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