[TRAILER REACTION] Batwoman Trailer Divulges New Secrets

The importance of Batwoman

Two big Bat-stories have broken in the last 24 hours. I’m going to cover the most important one, obviously: the release of the new Batwoman trailer.

A few months ago I made some predictions and requests about what I’d like to see in the upcoming CW series. While some of my predictions were correct, the writing staff foolishly ignored my humble requests! And…I don’t mind at all.

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Very Tidy

The trailer gives us a tidy summary of the pilot. We learn about Kate’s court marshal from West Point in the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell era. Jacob, Kate’s father, warns her not to take on Bruce Wayne’s mantle. Kate, somehow, knows about the Batcave and lets herself in. Gotham is reeling once they realize Batman is nowhere to be found. Oh, and Black Alice, Batwoman’s erstwhile nemesis since Greg Rucka rebooted the series, makes an introduction.

I still want to see a show with the weird, Goth-camp turns that Riverdale and Nancy Drew (?????????????????????????) are taking. It’s what makes the Batwoman comics — particularly Rucka’s turn at the helm — so unlike anything we’ve ever seen. I suspect this trailer is keeping that element close to the vest for now — I’m excited to see where it goes.


Batwoman Headed For A Bumpy Ride

One thing I find more than a little odd is the way the trailer touts that this time the hero is a woman! Who’s queer! (Note: even more exotic, Kate is a — *eyebrows* HANDSOME woman.) But…Supergirl is wrapping up its third season and literally none of the women in the current Legends of Tomorrow are straight. If the Greg Berlanti, et al, think the best way to market this show is because Kate’s sexuality is the only interesting thing about the show, we may be headed for a bumpy ride.

Whatever happens, I’ll be spending the summer re-reading the complete Batwoman run and hunting down whatever product they’ve got in Ruby Rose’s hair.