6 Cancelled SyFy Shows Worth Discovering

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With the recent cancellation of two wildly successful shows; Syfy’s Deadly Class and Happy! Sorry not sorry for spoiling that news, folks. The question begs asking of Syfy:

Are SyFy out of touch with their own Viewers?

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2 Cancelled Shows. BOOOOOOO!

Consistent cancellation of their originals has become SyFy’s modus operandi. Where many of their fan favourite shows have succumbed to the fate of the Grim Reaper. A casual observer could look at their portfolio of these cancelled shows and assume it’s all a direct result of too much competition. We are in the age of streaming television, after all.

But “too much competition” holds little weight when many of SyFy’s shows have been dealt the cancellation blow before or just on the cusp of the Age of Netflix.

How do we measure when or if a show is cancelled?

That’s not what this article is for. I’m here to help you reminisce about the golden material SyFy has released. And, were regrettably taken before their time. Take the time to discover and imagine the what ifs.

6. Sanctuary

Starring Stargate SG-1 actress, Amanda Tapping as Dr Helen Magnus, Sanctuary depicts an organisation dedicated to seeking out creatures and people with extraordinary gifts or abilities. If you can imagine a live action version of the X-Men, complete with a werewolf, a caveman, a forsensic scientist, a monster hunter and an immortal then you’ve got your show. Now that I think about it, it’s not all that unlike X-Men at all.

Fraught with the classic trope of us versus them. Magnus spends the length of the show working to save the Ab-normals, as they’re referred to, from the powers that seek to corrupt them.

Although allowed to finish its own right, the fourth season could easily have been expanded into a fifth season. Due to the obvious link to Stargate SG-1 fans will be thrilled to hear that Sanctuary acts a virtual revolving door for those familiar guest stars to come and go as they please.

No Guest stars are more recognisable than Amanda Tapping’s horrible English accent.

5. Dark Matter

Dark Matter kicks off with an assortment of crew members waking up on a derelict spaceship with no memories about who or what they are. As the series progresses a variety of big bad present themselves. With the biggest threat always being that the memories of one of them will resurface before the others.

Dark Matter has no major drawcard other than one familiar actor; Roger Cross, known for his appearances in iZombie, The L Word, The Strain and Continuum.

Dark Matter has the potential to ignite the fury inside any hardcore Firefly fan. It looks like Firefly, it feels like Firefly but unfortunately – it ain’t Firefly.

After 3 seasons, Dark Matter was abruptly cancelled by Sci-Fi.

4. Defiance

Anyone else remember that post-apocalyptic show called Jericho?

Starring Skeet Ulrich?


Well, throw an assortment of aliens, alcohol fueled debauchery, promiscuous whores and a sheriff devoid of morality – and you’ve got Defiance.

Starring Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dexter actress, Julie Benz, as the empowered major of the town. Benz’s character holds her own throughout the 3 seasons of the show. Going head to head with marauders, mutants, and alien despots. With the threat of invasion always looming in the background.

While the characters were highly enjoyable to watch every week, SyFy cancelled the show after its third season. Citing financial issues as the main causality. This again, huh?

3. Caprica

Battlestar Galactica is easily one of the most successful SyFy shows of all time. With that success came a modernised re-imagining of the BSG universe, its technologies and the lore surrounding it.

One such BSG event is the rise and fall of Caprica. Overshadowing the series and cementing the Cylons as more menacing than ever. With the ability to think, feel and evolve themselves.

Caprica was meant to chronicle the Rise of the Machines in Ron D. Moore‘s Battlestar Galactica universe. Though, with terrible ratings it lasted only one season. Still an interesting watch.

Caprica gives the actions of the Cylons context as we see an evolving personality in the mainframe of the A.I. that inevitably leads to the downfall of human civilisation. How Number Six comes to be.

A prequel with so much lost potential.

2. Helix

Starring the Rocketeer himself, Billy Campbell, whom you might know from another such Sci-Fi themed TV show The 4400. Helix follows a team of Centers For Disease Control scientists trying to cure a deadly outbreak of disease in high tech research facility Arctic Bio Systems.

Helix lasted for two seasons before its cancellation saw the end of the pre/post apocalyptic series. Featuring on uneasy segway from season 1 which included viral zombies. To season 2, where Campbell’s character faces an outbreak on a remote island run by an immortal cult leader.

Crazy, right?!

1. Ascension

Ascension was always meant to have more seasons than the initial episodes SyFy presented us with. Unfortunately, it was cancelled at the end of the event and repackaged as a SyFy mini-series.

Good thing, too. It leaves the open ending up to the imagination of the viewer. Without a potential second season running the show aground. Consequently, bastardising the event.

Starring Battlestar Galactica actress, Tricia Helfer, Ascension follows a generational ship aptly named Ascension. The show kicks off and 51 years into their 100 year maiden journey. As the Ascension begins to approach the point of no return, a young woman is founded murdered. Investigations begin, revealing that all is not what it seems.

Ascension explores a variety of themes including utopian based societal values, sexual power and the human condition. Giving Big Brother a run for its money!

You can find most of the above Shows and their related Seasons on DVD/Blu-ray or on an assortment of Streaming Services.