Aquaman: A Retrospective Look at the future of DC 1
Aquaman – Theatrical Poster

When Marvel came out with Iron Man a full 11 years ago, it was considered to be a smash hit. Audiences loved it, critics enjoyed it, but that wasnt the end of the road for them. They had something more ambitious plan ahead of them as showcased in that button scene at the end.

When the Marvel Cinematic Universe got serious momentum under its wings, people were wondering what DC would have to offer. This was around the same time as Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy had its second showing with The Dark Knight. It was with some speculation that it would be the launch point for the DC Universe.

Spoilers: It wasn’t.

Man of Steel. Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice. Suicide Squad. Justice League. Each and every film was met with mixed reactions from all corners of the movie going audience. This disconnect seemed to be shared by the studio itself between its executives and their “godfather” of the universe Zack Snyder.

That is, until this movie.

Aquaman: A Retrospective Look at the future of DC 2
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Say what you will about the film, it truly was the start of the comeback for the DC movie verse. This movie knocked it out of the park for film audiences, and they needed another movie to keep the momentum going. Keep the positivity train rolling. And that is where Aquaman comes in.

Battle of Brothers

Aquaman: A Retrospective Look at the future of DC 3
Aquaman Vs Orm

Aquaman takes heavy ques from the comic storyline “Throne of Atlantis” as part of DC’s New 52. In it, Ocean Master (known as Orm) begins a campaign against the surface world as King of Atlantis believing that the underwater kingdom is under attack. The JL respond to this threat over the course of six issues where, at the end, Aquaman reclaims the throne from his brother after its discovered that Vulko (an advisor character) was manipulating the entire event so that Aquaman could take the throne.

The movie follows this plot fairly close though with a few tweaks. The first major tweak that I noticed is that the movie REALLY expanded on the realm of Atlantis. Rather than it being just a single city at the bottom of the ocean, it is an expansive empire of seven distinct kingdoms.

Aquaman: A Retrospective Look at the future of DC 4
The world of Atlantis

All and all, it was a movie that was about one key ingredient missing from many of DC’s previous films in this shared universe. That word is: Fun. Just oodles and oodles of fun to watch, to experience, and to enjoy. It most definitely is a film that I will be watching again and again once it is out for home entertainment systems, and I highly recommend you go see it to. And if you have, go see it again. Its worth it.

Also, I just want to add one more thing:

Aquaman: A Retrospective Look at the future of DC 5
Black Manta

The entire sequence with Black Manta was just so god-damn cool. I’d watch a whole movie of just these two going at it if I could.