10 Harry Potter Valentines Day Cards to Get Yourself Slapped To!

We’re a far way from being a Harry Potter blog. Like a long way. So far in fact, HP couldn’t get there on a Nimbus 10000 (if there is such a thing). I’m sure there is…

But with Harry Potter so ingrained in the Pop Culture psyche we thought we’d trawl the interwebs and give out our Top 10 Harry Potter themed Valentines Day cards.

Warning: There are puns ahead!

10. The Hermoanie

Harry Potter 10

9. The Soul Sucker

Dementor 9

8. The “Whatever, Harry”

Harry 8

7. The Creeper

Malfoy 7

6. The “That isn’t my Broom”

Broom 6

5. The Cute Old Guy

Old Guy 5

4. The Two Brothers who see each other Naked Every Day

Two Brothers 4

3. The Helena Bonk Her-Faster

Azkadamn 3

2. The “I’ll Make You Snape”

Snape 2

And last, but not least…

1. The Model with the Anus Fetish

Long bottom 1