[NEWS] Emma Dumont Takes Polaris And Slays The Internet

Emma Dumont, actress hailing from the cast of Marvel’s The Gifted, took Polaris to next level cosplaying heights earlier today.

With this image she literally lit the Instagram world on (green) fire:

The Gifted actress Emma Dumont cosplays as her own character and slays the internet.

Dumont has been praised as almost reimagining (nay, reinventing) Magneto’s other daughter. A character that came to prominence in the 80s. Her take on the role takes an alternative goth meets scorned woman route, who is all too familiar with her self isolation. All the while tapping into that mutant ability that builds her up as a strong female force, all the while walking the line on the edge of insanity. Hello darkness her old friend.

The Gifted actress’ instagram exploded within minutes of the above image landing in Instagram-land. With over 15K likes proving the popularity of yet another X-Men tv show is over with the fans.

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