[COMIC REVIEW] Star Trek: TNG #2 is the Greatest Adventure Deanna Troi has ever Had

Star Trek #2 IDW

Star Trek : The Next Generation #2

Release: August 2018
Writers: Scott Tipton & David Tipton
Artist: Carlos Nieto
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Colouring: Fran Gamboa
Cover: Tony Shasteen
Publisher: IDW

Rating: 4 Soda Cans

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Ironically, Star Trek TNG #2 is the greatest adventure Deanna Troi has ever Had.

IDW Publishing, the label made famous for TV and movie adapted comic book properties, has begun to carve its own bat’leth into the hide of Star Trek lore. Launching with its take on Star Trek : The Next Generation, IDW has begun to tell the untold stories of Captain Picard’s crew. From the second and third page, writers Scott and David Tipton tap into character development over 20 years old.

Star Trek issue #2 tells an all too familiar story of a marooned away team on the way to a diplomatic summit. The players, Deanna Troi, Cardassian official Karan, her aid, a Starfleet Lieutenant and two Vulcan diplomats make up the main story line. The story, “Terra Incognita,” plays out like an episode of its namesake. The tension of the characters is raised by Captain Picard’s confrontation with a Cardassian captain. The character stereotypes add to the flavour of the story. Making us believe this really is an untold Star Trek story. In true Star Trek form this is a story of celebrating diversity and difference. Diplomacy and Action are equal players as Deanna Troi leads the charge on all fronts. Ironically this is the greatest adventure Troi has ever had.

The character Stereotypes add to the Flavour of the Story

This IDW led series takes place after the events of Wolf 359 but before the Cardassian treaty is signed. That’s somewhere between seasons 4 and 7 of the show. Hardcore Trekkies who hold a special place for comic books will be please with the lengths the Tipton’s go to. Minor on-screen and often referenced character, Captain Robert Desoto of the USS Hood, makes an appearance. As does the barely palatable and socially awkard Lieutenant Barclay, made famous by Dwight Schultz.

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Where the writers go wrong isn’t in the delivery as much as its in the dialogue. Captain Picard’s usage of low brow slang is a red flag. While Barclay’s well functioning demeanor in the shuttle bay debrief followed by a slew of racial commentary is confusing, to say the least. Taking artistic license in a dialogue heavy science fiction show is a big mistake. A mistake I’m hoping the writers won’t repeat. This is made up for with Carlos Nieto’s art and bold colours courtesy of Fran Gamboa. Head to the replicator on Ten Forward and pick up Four Sodas.

Star Trek : The Next Generation #2 is available for purchase at IDW’s web store. Click HERE to pick up your copy.

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